The Coup and Cancer

Need I say more? No? But you know I will!

The Coup in Honduras sucks! Oh, yes it has provided us with entertainment and fuel for witty Facebook postings, but all in all it sucks and probably won’t be worth it for anyone. If Zelaya was actually trying to get another term in office couldn’t he have found a better way and better time to do it? I mean who in their right mind would try to convene a National Assembly that will start work on a new constitution on the same day that a new president is to be elected? Was he planning to predate the new constitution then use a time machine to zap himself back with the document to August so he could run in the election? Predating documents is apparently a specialty of this government as seen with the resignation letter and removal notice, but a time machine? That I want to see! Wouldn’t it be easier to just get the backing of the military, knock off a few key people, marry the ugly third daughter of someone powerful and then take command? I mean, it’s not like the idea was invented yesterday. Why oh why, did he go for a public opinion poll? Why get all democratic now? And did he really have to bully me in the photo below?

From Carnival – El Presidente – May

I mean, the first part of the coup messed with Heather, Dusty and Sora visiting us in July, many other friends and volunteers have cancelled their plans to come here, I had to cancel my manicure-pedicure yesterday, Jim wasn’t able to buy his “Tuesday pineapple”, and now the roadblocks and curfew are messing with us going away for 5 days to a Conference. Darn those politicos!

Seriously folks, it is not any better with Micheletti in power. Matter of fact, it is worse. Micheletti is blaming Zelaya but it is Micheletti that has made all of the violent, repressive moves that are isolating this country from the rest of the world and leading it closer every day to civil war. The whole country went into lock down for 42 hours and was in an indefinite “curfew.” People have lost their civil rights, are being threatened, jailed, tortured and killed. The government is corrupt, regardless of which Hondo Honcho with a Chancho in his Poncho takes the reigns, one way or the other, so the Coup has not stopped, changed or answered anything, YET. Therefore, the Coup Sucks!

After 42 Hour Curfew Mayhem!

Honduras Curfew Sept. 09

If you are interested to learn more about the current situation, please watch this 11 minute video, it is really good:

Now on to another sucky thing, way more sucky then the coup. We have always known cancer sucks, but as some people unfortunately know, when it becomes close and personal you see a whole new level of suckiness.

Over the last several days I have been on a mission to get cancer doctors in some of the best Cancer Clinics in the United States interested in a case down here in Honduras. I personally know this young, once vibrant, sweet guy who, even though is wasting away, is still positive about his recovery.

Since the surgery he needs can not be done here, I am trying to take the show on the road. All over Europe and the United States the technology to perform such a tumor removal is available making the surgery possible. Why do Hondurans have to lose out on it? That just sucks!

Juan Carlos does have one thing on his side; Liposarcoma is not super common, especially in such a young person. This may get him some attention from doctors in the States. We are crossing our fingers, praying, thinking positive, visualizing, and doing the “doctor help us” dance. Will you do that dance too?

I have learned more about Liposarcoma Retroperitoneal than I hope I ever need personally. And I learned even more about how much cancer SUCKS!

I want to start a new ad campaign against cancer and it is called:


From Cancer Sucks
From Cancer Sucks
From Cancer Sucks

Sorry if I offended anyone with those photos but serious diseases need serious actions. After an email from a friend, I may widen this ad campaign to include:

Bitch Slap MS
Sucker Punch HIV
Smack Down Heart Disease

The political part of the above post was highly edited by Jim, he who has a strong opinion on the current situation here in Honduras and who is also well read up on it.

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