Time to Jazz it Up a Little

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Copenhagen Style!


While Searching Out Jazz we Saw Some Sights.


Double Parking Copenhagen Style!


Ran into this band in a middle of square!


And the Square had a Fountain, of Course.


And then we Found These Guys Playing Swing.  Swing I said, but one one but me Danced.

The Dutch are a hard group to get going!


This was a WiFi Spot….The Old and The New!


We Had Dinner with this Group, In a Tiny Place.  Jazz at Every Corner and In Everywhere!


Just a bird on a Man, Nothing to See here.


And This Place…it is as Pretty and Colorful as it looks in the photos…and this photo!


Waited in Line for the oldest Jazz Club in Town, La Fontaine, and it was WELL Worth it.  These guys were on until Midnight and then it got crazy up in there as it is where all the Jazz players come to play after their gigs!  Up late but so cool!

What is great is that they support young new artists and famous artists know, they so they come jam along side.  We did not see anyone famous, but we saw a lot of musicians who should be.


The Beer was Flowing and so Were We!


There were palaces, Crowns and Jewels…that Were Just Lovely.


And the littlest of Mermaids.  We walked and walked and walked to Find Her and We Did.


After All That Jazz and Walking to Find the Mermaid, we rented bikes and we Found Christiania, a Free Loving Free Doing No Rule Community.  I lost Jim there, go figure.


Love that they use these old style signs still!  And what did these store sell???


The Guards Go from Modern to Old Fashioned.  Is He Smiling at Me????


And is this guy smiling at me too?


These Guards, the Military, Had to Be Guarded by the Police.


Guard Statues.


So many great buildings!


And Spires Every Where!


More Spires.


And Palaces with Spires!

We only saw Copenhagen, but if it is an example of the rest of Denmark, we can not wait to see the rest of it!  Thanks for the Good Times!

Here is a Sneak Peak from my next Post.  Guess Where We Were?


Thanks for Visiting and See You Next Time!


Long Over Due…But Worth the View.

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Living in Limbo, Sometimes, is Not so Bad.

Our Limbo Living from Last Summer (July 2016)

First Stop…



The Land of Fire, Ice and…



Lots of Beauty.  We Loved Iceland and we Only saw a Small Bit of it.  Fortunately we Rented and Car and Hit the Road right from the Airport!



Who Needs to Sleep when we you’re in the Land of the Midnight Sun!


And where the fist were plenty. Yes, those are fish.


To be precise, cod fish heads drying out. Thousands of them. We drove past. I made Jim go back, drive down a driveway to get a closer look. I got out, took lots of photos while Jim stayed behind the wheel in case needed a quick get-away!


The color there is different. Well, it seems that way from the light.



There is a great mix of old and new. The wonderful new performing arts glass building was amazing.


And this ancient, viking seeming, burial headstone was equalling amazing. Wait, didn’t Vikings send their dead off on a fiery raft into the sea? Well, maybe this was a memorial to one of them!


And then there was this! And it was worth it.


Iceland, we will be back…for the Northern Lights and to Get to the Other side of the Island.


Next Blog Post will be Copenhagen Jazz Festival!  Sneak Peak below:



Toodles for Now. Thanks for Visiting!


Thank YOU for Helping Me Down.

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Before I went “down”, with your helped, I RAISED approximately $1500.00 for the Chicago Respiratory Health Association from their “Skyline Plunge” Fundraiser I participated in last May.


Yes, It is almost a Year Later, but it has been a VERY busy 9 months. We packed up our Chicago apartment in June, traveled to Europe hitting mostly Scandinavian Countries and hanging out with my nephew who is going to University in Estonia in July.  Then we lived on couches and cat sat while on a cross-country trip across the US.  And although my last blog said we were moving to Michigan, we did not.  We are now settled in Walnut Creek, CA, a half hour outside of San Francisco closer to family, both of ours.  And those families have kept us busy with dinners, birthdays, outings, birthday parties, and the Holidays since last October.


But that all is not what this blog post is about…it is about Thanking you for Donating the fundraiser and for Helping me do something  yet again crazy.

Okay, and I have the photos to prove it!


I started…

Way Up there with a Partner, who was so Scared, I Promised to go Down with Her.


Jim’s View.  Yes, he watched the whole thing and I had a Cheering Section too!


My Chicago Girls…Colleen, Michelle, Kate, Sherri, Diana and her Friend!  Loved seeing all their faces after I made it all the way down!


Look Ma, No Hands!


I would stop to enjoy the view!  It was such a GREAT Day!


My Supah Stah Stance!


Almost at The Wit Sign!


Just Hanging Around.  La La La.


Yes, There is Writing on My Pants.

One Leg says, “I “Heart” Jim” and the Other Leg says, “Tubes of Love.”

In case your are interested of what is “Tubes of Love “, go to https://ourownbigworld.com/2016/01/10/tubestinstubs-of-love/ .


Rappel Contraption Locked…Hanging in Mid Air!


Almost There…


Done and Happy.  Actually High…So Cool!

This was the last time ever The Respiratory Health Association was going to do this Fundraiser and was lucky to not only do The Plunge, but to raise money for something that is near and dear to me as I suffer from 2 different Respiratory Diseases, Asthma and Samter’s Triad.

Thank you Again for All that Donated!

Stay Tuned for Posts on Our Adventures in Europe and the Cross Country Road Trip!


One Is Better Than Two…

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It was hard to keep up with both a personal/travel blog and my creative blog …So I combined them. I didn’t post, or barely posted, on either for several years…but I’m back at it @ My Gnome Little World: https://ourownbigworld.com/

Where you can find Travel, Photography, Creativity, Reselling, Picking, and general fun mayhem.

Please check it out!

Can’t Keep Up!

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I thought I would have 2 blogs, but can barely keep up with one much less two.  This one was going to be personal / travel…as I started it when we moved to Honduras in 2008. I can’t keep up my creative one, much less keep up with our constant travels and moves.

SO….Please go here to see what I, we, are up to:


Thank you for visiting!




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Or Depending How It Goes…A “Splat” Or Maybe a “Bam”.

From GreatChicagoPhotos

Although, I am Hoping for a Mary Katherine Gallagher Super Star Stance Myself.

From GreatChicagoPhotos

Before I explain myself let me go over the most awesomeness of Chicago that we so loverly had to chance to Experience, all 129 of them and I am sure I am missing many.


From GreatChicagoPhotos

-A Blizzard – St. Patrick’s Day Green Dying of the River & Parade- Cinco de Mayo Chicago Style – Mole de Mayo – The Blackhawks win the Championship – The Science & Industry Museum Many Times – The Art Institute Many Times – The Field Museum Many Times – The Wonderful Chicago Cultural Center – Oak Park and the Frank Lloyd Wright of it All – Not Only All the Wonderful Architecture, but the Actual Famed Architecture Tour from the River – The Old Glessner House – The Blues Fest – The Cubs go to the World Series – A Cubs Game – Two White Sox Games – The Chicago Theater for an Event and the Tour – Chef’s Week – Restaurant Week – The Green Mill Many Times – The Ghosts of Chicago – Do Division Street Fest – Activate Loop Alley Parties – Taste of Randolph – Taste of Chicago – The NFL Draft – A Dynasty Party – The Columbia Yacht Club – The Sears Tower Ledge – The Hancock Building Tilt – The AON Building 80th Floor – Navy Pier Summer Fireworks…Twice a Week – Divvy Bikes – The Shoreline – The Oak Street Beach – The River Walk – The Signature Room – Buddy Guy Museum – Macy’s Flower Show – Food Food and More Food – Chicago Design Museum – Berghoffs – Russian Tea Room – Chicago Dog – Deep Dish Pizza, Way Too Much, Deep Dish Pizza – Basement Bars – House of Blues – Living in a High Rise – Living in a High Rise with a View – No Car – The El – Lincoln Park, Old Town – Wicker Park – Pilsen – Hyde Park – Walking Walking A Lot of Walking – Any Kind of Shopping Close By – See Many TV Shows/Movies/Commercials Being Filmed – Belmont/Sheffield Street Fair – A Woman with Kitty Shirt on While Walking a Duck on a Leash – Flowers Blooming in Spring – Enjoyed Seeing the Corn Cob Buildings Any Time We Could – Bucktown – West Loop – Been to Many Rooftop Bars – Chinatown – Chicago Contemporary Museum – High Rise Spiders – Had Mario’s Italian Ice – NorthWestern Medical Center & Hospital – Bloomers Chocolate – Revolution Brewery – The 606 Trail – Chicago Athletic Club Hotel – Shedd Aquarium – Lincoln Zoo Christmas Lights – Christkindlmarket – Wrigley Field – The Vic – Light Parade – Christmas Tree Lighting – Ice Skating – Sidewalk Dining – Looking Up Constantly at the Architecture – Learning History Everywhere – Living “Next” to Lady Gaga – Seeing Many TV/Movies Stars – Handing Out TUBES of LOVE – Attending Many Fundraisers – Seeing Art Everywhere – Sitting on Our Balcony Soaking up the Sun or Looking at the View – Snow, Rain, Sleet & All in One Day – The Frigid Wind – Sitting at City Winery on River Walk on a Balmy Summer Evening – Even the Heavy Heat of a City Hot Summer Day – Free Concerts Everywhere – The Fountains, Oh the Fountains – People Watching – Feeding Finches on the Balcony – Watching Old Chloe Kitty (R.I.P.) soak up the Sun on the Balcony – Vintage Garage – Thrift Store Hunting – Antiquing – Finding Perfectly Good Things in Our Garbage Shoot Room or In the Recycling Bin (Big City Sanford and Me) – Exploring Neighborhoods – Finding New Places to Go by Just Opening a Door – Talking to Great and Interesting People – Listening to Music – Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park – Grant Park – Lakeshore East Park – Lakeside – Oh, The Artists – Uptown – New Friends – Not Cooking A Lot – Having a Gym, Swimming Pool, BBQ, Hot Tubs, Sauna, Steam Room, Free Coffee and a Door Man – Even Small Apt Living – Even the Homelessness – Seeing Other People Give and Be Generous – Smiles

From GreatChicagoPhotos
From GreatChicagoPhotos
From GreatChicagoPhotos

Let me not forgot the places and trips we so awesomely got to do outside of Chicago!  We are Not Going Far..So I am Sure We Will See More!

From TripsWeTookWhileLivinginChicago

South Haven, MI – St. Joseph, MI – Saugatuck, MI, Paw Paw, MI, Kalamazoo, The Worlds Largest Yardsale On US 127 In NW Ohio, Cleveland, Oh – The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Toledo, Oh – Grand Rapids, MI – Galena, IL – Luddington, MI – Mackinaw City, MI – Traverse City, MI – Green Bay, WI, Milwaukee, WI – The UP – Lake Michigan – Lake Superior – Lake Heron – Lake Erie –  And HOPE TO SEE: – Niagara Falls – Buffalo, NY – Toronto – Lake Ontario

From TripsWeTookWhileLivinginChicago

And My Favorite, Thank You to All that Came to Visit Us, Once and Maybe Even Twice!

From GreatChicagoPhotos

Rina Bo Beana – The Mayer Clan – My Twin Nieces – My C-Man – Randy – Sarah – SF Bunny – Sacramento Bill – Jim’s Fun Work Mates – Laith – The Rest of You Missed Out

From GreatChicagoPhotos

If you Have Not Figured out yet, Yes, We are Moving Again.  And Don’t Worry…Jim is Coming Along on the Move…Not the Splat.  

He is Why we Are Moving…Again…As Usual.

We are Moving to the Very Cute Beach Town of St. Joseph, MI…so 3 months of the year it will be Wonderful…and the rest freakin’ frigid cold.  I am focusing on our first Month there, August, and Not thinking about anything else!

From TripsWeTookWhileLivinginChicago

Now, Let me Explain the Title of the Blog Post!

The Biggest Thing I Will Do Before We Leave
And My Husband, Jim Will Have to Witness is…

I am Taking the Respiratory Health Association Plunge!

(Aka The Big Bang, Fall, Splat, Jump, Bam)



It is a Fundraising Event and I am Now Chest Deep in IT and IT Is…

From GreatChicagoPhotos

Rappelling Down the Side of The Wit, a 27 Story Hotel, in Downtown Chicago on May 22!

Again Might I Remind You, It is a Fundraiser…

So I am Asking You, You and You to Donate Please!

Click Here (Or Copy and Paste Please) to Learn More and to Donate!


I Thank You in Advance of Your Kind Gift.

 Any Amount at All Is So Very Highly Apprectiated.

From GreatChicagoPhotos

Before I Go, I have to say the ONE thing that drives me crazy and I do NOT like About Chicago is their lack of Recycling.  It is a Shame, Shame, Shame. Recycle/UpCycle Forever!



Chloe Kicked The Bucket List

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My Cat, Miss Chloe Kitty, Has a Bucket List.

From Chloe

Doesn’t Every Cat Have One?

From Chloe

She Turned 20 this past year, so she checked some items off her list!

And Here We Go…I Introduce You to Miss Chloe Kitty.

From Chloe’s Bucket List

1) Watch TV when My Humans are Not Home. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

I Secretly Have Fallen in Love with the Bee. He is Mine Now, Don’t Tell my Humans.

From Chloe’s Bucket List

2) Rub Myself All Over My Human Momma’s Stuffed Bee, So She Does Not Miss Me While She’s Sleeping. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

3) My Human Momma leaves her Computer On all the Time, I wanted to Cruise the Internet for Silly Human Videos. – Check, but I got bored and fell asleep.

From Chloe’s Bucket List

4) Wear Bling. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

5) Just Hanging with my Gnomie. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

Oh So Girly…Tee Hee!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

6) Stay at a Frilly Little B & B – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

7) Hog all the Blankets All Night Long – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

Is that a Shark?

From Chloe’s Bucket List

8) Long Walks on the Beach – Check And Dogs, Thank Goodness, Were Not Allowed!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

Speaking of Walks…

From Chloe’s Bucket List

It’s Kind of Spooky Here.

From Chloe’s Bucket List

Is that Big Foot?

8) Long Walks in the Woods. – Check and Never Again.

From Chloe’s Bucket List

“Green Acres is the place to be.
Farm livin’ is the life for me.”

From Chloe’s Bucket List

9) Frolic on a Farm, Achoo – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

I thought there were animals on a farm?

From Chloe’s Bucket List

Do these pumpkins make my fur look fluffy?

10) Check Out a Roadside Stand. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

11) Have a Bourbon and Cigar after a Long Day of Sleeping.

It Relaxes me for More Sleep – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

12) When in the South, Doesn’t Everyone Smoke a Corncob Pipe?          Well, I did. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

13) This one is kind of private, but Here goes…
I wanted one of those Glamour Shots and this was as Good as it Got. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

14) Sunbathe. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

Leaves…I love Leaves!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

15) I wanted to relive my youth when I used to Play with the Pretty Fall Leaves. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

16) Be a Badass Bike Riding Kitty. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

16) Check Out the Hotties on Facebook. – Check – 
Oh, Wait…That’s Me!

From Chloe’s Bucket List


From Chloe’s Bucket List

17) Steel my Human Momma’s Mug, and Put it in the Paws of it’s Rightful Owner. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

18) One of my Favorites, Be a Unicorn. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

19) Play Dead to Fool my Humans. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

20) This one was for my Humans, Dress Up for a Holiday Photo. – Check.

From Chloe’s Bucket List

21) Kiss my Human Poppa on the Nose. I love him the most. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

22) Take a Full Nap with My Human Momma. – Check!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

Love Time with My Cousin!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

I Sleep Best at My Grandma’s!

From Chloe’s Bucket List

And there is nothing like curling up next to my Grandfather!

23) Spend time with more of my Human Fammily! – Check!

And that is it for now. Maybe I will blog about the rest on my Bucket List which will include going out with my Human Momma so I can finally see Chicago, Take a Bubble Bath, and Learn to Dance.

From Chloe’s Bucket List

I am exhausted and must go nap now.

Thank you for visiting my Human Momma’s Blog.


Green Acres Isn’t the Place for We

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Who Knew Both Jim and I are More Eva Gabor than Eddie Albert!

From GreenAcres

Chicago is where We’d rather stay
We get allergic smelling hay
We just adore a high-rise view
Country, I love you but give me Chicago Loop!

From MobilePhotos

Even in the Frigid Windy Snowy Chicago Winter, We Love City Life!

From MobilePhotos

Because Like Flo at Progressive, We Too, Know How to Bundle!

From MobilePhotos

Here is Our 6 Month Living in Chicago Statistics:

From MobilePhotos

Blizzards Lived Through – 1 (the Weekend after We Moved to Chicago)

From Chicago2015

Shows Attended – 2 (The Peking Acrobats for My Birthday and Book of Mormon for Our Anniversary)

From TwinsChicago2015

Family Visiting Popular Under Chicago Theater Sign Photo!

Deep Dish Pizza Restaurants Tried – 5 (Uno’s, Giordano’s, Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, Pizano’s)

From Carl Visit June 2015

Visiting Nephew Eating at Giordano’s!

Drinks During the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – 1 (Honestly, just 1 Drink Each).

From Chicago2015

Yes, Only 1 Drink, but I Did Meet the Governor of Illinois!

From Chicago2015

Restaurants – Too Many to Count (Food is Crazy Good Here)

From TwinsChicago2015

The Above Place is for the View…oh yea…and the Buffet!

And the place below is for their half off Oyster Happy Hour!

From ChicagoMobilePhotos

Free Concerts in the Parks – 6 (Really, we do not take advantage of this as much as we should)

From Carl Visit June 2015

Relaxing to Some Music with the Nephew at Pritzker Pavilion 2 Blocks from our Apartment…                                       And Some Free Blues Below.

From ChicagoMobilePhotos

Street Fairs – 10 (Not going to list them all)

From ChicagoMobilePhotos

Most Were Very Much The Same; Booths, Fair Food, Music, and Beer.

And No, Not All of Them had a Girl in a Cat shirt Walking Ducks!

From ChicagoApril

But the Mole de Mayo Street Fair was A Whole Different Kind of Street Fair.
It Was All Dedicated to Culinary Art of Mole and Latino Lifestyle and was situated Perfectly in the Colorful Pilsen Neighborhood. 

From ChicagoMobilePhotos

Famous People Seen – Around 5 or So (

Like Jesse Spencer Above and Taylor Kinney Below, but Most Exciting was Lady GaGa under cover in Grunge.

From ChicagoApril

House Guests – 9 (not all at once)

From MobilePhotos

Including Two Long Time Friends, All the Way from Texas and San Francisco!

From Chicago2015

Road Trips – 3

From SouthHavenTrip

1. South Haven, Saugatuck, Kalamazoo, Bangar and Paw Paw Michigan in one Shot…
While Jim worked I Went Picking!

From WorldsLargestYardsale

2. And Then West Unity and Bryan  & Van Wert, Ohio for a Bit of the World’s Largest Yardsale…
As Well as Hope Over to Lafayette, IN just to Take a Look See.

From WorldsLargestYardsale

3. Also We Did a Road Trip in FL to West Palm Beach for Some Snorkeling!

From PalmBeachSnorkel

Professional Baseball Games Attended – 3

From MobilePhotos

One Cubs Game with Our Nephew!

From TwinsChicago2015

And a couple of White Sox Games with Family).

Typical Chicago Spots Visited – 7 plus

From ChicagoMobilePhotos

The Bean, Of Course.

From Carl Visit June 2015

The Hancock Building.

From TwinsChicago2015

And The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.
Just to Name a Few!

Museums/Galleries/Historic Locations/Tours – 8

From Chicago2015

Museum of Science and Industry (Been there 3 Times Now)

From Chicago2015

Architectural Foundation River Boat Tour

From Chicago2015

Glessner House Tour

From Carl Visit June 2015

Art Institute of Chicago…Just to Name a Few!

There is are so many more items I could add to this list; like how many rooftop bars (5), How many alley parties (1, hoping to make that 3 soon), how many free happy hours through our building  we have attended (4), How Many of Our Decor Items Dawn Made (At Least 10), How many times Have we Used Our Hot Tubs (Lots), How many times have we used our Divvy Bike Memberships (Many), How Many Time We cooked A Whole Meal At Home (Not A lot), and How many photos have we taken from our balcony (Countless).

Speaking of Photos..
Here is the Last Item of List of Things We have Done while living in Chicago.

From Chloe

Cat Photos Posted – Probably a Million

From Chloe

Our Cute Blind and Deaf Kitty, Who Will Turn 20 Years Old In November.

From Chloe

Princess Chloe

And That is About It!

Oh, And I Opened Up My Online Etsy Shop Again, Feel Free to Check it Out: OUR OWN BIG WORLD!

And Although I have Gotten Back in the Saddle of Posting Again, it May be awhile Before I Do So Again…

As I am having Surgery for Sinus Issues again in a Couple of Weeks.

Anyway…Cheers to A Great Next 6 Months to You All!



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Even though I am NOW well into my 51st Year…

Still Wanted to Post This!

And These are the 50 Things I did in My 50th Year!

Not In Order, But, Oh, What a Collection of Things.

1.  Since we Just Moved to Georgia and Jim Had to Work…

I Took a Birthday Trip on my Own and Sweetly named it “The 5P Trip” for Pamper, Photography, People, Pick and Party!
Drove to Jekyll Island, Picking along the Way.  Stayed at the Old Lovely Jekyll Island Resort 2-3 Nights taking lots of photos, Jim Surprised me and Met a couple who live near our FL House and we see regularly, drove up coast to Savannah still picking and stayed in Savannah for a couple of nights.  Well, Had to leave early because of a Tire Fire.


From 5 P Weekend


From 5 P Weekend


From 5 P Weekend


From 5 P Weekend

Well, At Least This Person (And I’m Not Talking About SpongeBob)…                                                                                     Who Surprised me on the Morning of my Birthday!

From 5 P Weekend

2.  Baxley Tree Fest
It was more of a Logging Fest.  No Tree Huggers There.

From 50 Things

3. Rattlesnake Round Up
Yep, Snakes. Rounded Up into One Place.

Right There in Little Ole’ Claxton, GA, Which is Also the Fruitcake Capitol of the World!                                                Who Knew Rattlesnakes and Fruitcake Goes Together?

From GARattleSnakeRoundup2014

4. & 5. Vidalia Sweet Onion Fest and Spent Time with the Sanborns!
The Best Thing about the Fest, besides the Sanborns, were the Sweet Onion Rings!

From April2014BlogPostPhotos

6. BBQ Fest
Not sure why they need to have a Fest, it is basically any day in the South.

From 50 Things

7. Wild Hog Fest
No Wild Hog BBQ Was Served And there were a lot of Men wearing Pink!

From 50 Things

8. Soap Box Derby Competition
Oh, yes we did!

From Summer of 2014

9. Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale

One of My Favorite Thing About Our Time in South East Georgia!
Over 700 Miles of Yard Sales, We only went to around 20 miles of it…
But Got Two Subaru Loads of Stuff!

From April2014BlogPostPhotos

10. First Cruise – Key West / Cozumel
Liked it More than I thought I Would, probably because My Bunny Was with Me!

From The Cruise

11.  Friend Trip with Bunny!
Good Times…And We Found Swings!

From The Cruise

12. Cruise With Jim
We both Liked it way more than we Thought We Would!

From Summer of 2014

13. Hit Going to 40 Countries
I went to 3 new Countries on the cruise getting me to my goal this year of visiting 40 Countries by the End of my 50th Year!

From Summer of 2014

14. St. Maarten
New Country…not a lot of time there, but I am counting it Baby!

From Summer of 2014

15. St. Kitts
Another New Country…Again not much time but enjoyed it there!

From Summer of 2014

16. St. Lucia
Third New Country and the most fun of all of them!

From Summer of 2014

17. Cut Hair Short
Yes, I Went Short…with Birds On Top!

From HendersonsVisit

18. Opened a Booth to Sell My Wares!
I rented a booth space in a store and made money 8 months out of the 10 months I was there!                                      And I met the nicest, most creative people ever!

From ShabbyLaneBlog

19. Started to Pick as a Middle Girl!
I made money selling to a few people for them to resell.  My Biggest Seller was Vintage Chenille Bedspreads!

From April2014BlogPostPhotos

20. Lived in a Place with a Big Porch which I got to decorate in My Own Southern Porch Way.

From GnomeShackPorch

21., 22., & 23. Not Only When to Antique Road Show, but Got On TV and Stumped an Expert!

We Waited on Lots of Lines!

From 50 Things

That is Me Me Me…on the Beginning Credits of the Show!

From 50 Things

The Item that Not Only Stumped 1, but 3 Experts, on the Show. They All Deemed it as Antique Folk Art.

From 50 Things

24. Photographed my First Wedding

From Lis & Blake’s Wedding #4 / 8.16.2014-4

25. Trip to Vermont!

Quiet Moment for Jim.

From 50 Things

26. Trip to Asheville, NC

From The Biltmore

27.  Friend Time Trip with Steve and Amy Jean

From The Biltmore

28.  Zip Lining in Blue Ridge Mountains.

From ZipLining

29.  Casino Boat with Jim’s Parents in Florida.

Dancing to Celebrate My Win at the Craps Table!

From HendersonsVisit

30.  Thanksgiving at the FL House with Family

From HendersonsVisit

31.  Retro Themed Party at FL Retro House for Jim’s Birthday

All Dressed at the Gnomad Pad!

From 50 Things

32.  Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Fest

Only in Savannah!

From 50 Things

33.  Petting Rhinos at the Brevard Zoo!

Not a Great Photo…but I Did it and a Lot!

From 50 Things

34. Friend time with Rina for a long weekend at the FL House.

Only Such a Great Friend Will Dress Up Like This for Me!

From 50 Things

35.  Friend Time for a Night with Jenn  O”Donnell
No photo…but It did Happen! And Happens almost Every Year in Florida!

36.  First Private Boat Ride Around Manhattan!

From Summer of 2014

37.  Friend Time with Patty, Rich, Cooper, Suzi and Jason Storm

We All Headed Off for an Adventure At Sea!

From 50 Things

The Captain and His Stand In First Mates!

From 50 Things

38.  Road Trip Adventure with Brother, Randy, and his Kids In Northern Cal/Oregon

From Summer of 2014

39.  Saw all my West Coast Nieces and Nephews along with My Little Brother and Big Sister!

From Summer of 2014

40.  Went to the Stone Mountain Park and saw the Mt. Rushmore of the South

From Summer of 2014

41.  Went to a Rave in a Cemetery in Jersey City, NY
No Photo, but I swear it happened. There were Witnesses and Goats.

42.  Went to a Concert Music Festival in a Cemetery in Macon, GA.

This Time I Got Proof!

From 50 Things

43. Went to Tybee Island for First time with visiting Australian Friend, Cynthia!

From Summer of 2014

44. Went Boating and spent time with the Spragins in Florida.

From Summer of 2014

45. Sold Items I created!

Below is My Belt Bench.

And I also Sold Things Like, Twig Garland, Vintage Material Garland, Ornaments, Small Renovated Upcycled Table Covered in Vintage Book Pages, Double Yoke Light, Half Globe Light, And So On.  

From 2014 Projects

46.  Swam, snorkeled and went diving in Island Water on the Cruise!


From Summer of 2014

47. Went Horse Back Riding on the beach with Jim on Jekyll Island for my Birthday.

I love horse back riding, especially on the beach.

From 5 P Weekend

48. Moved to Chicago…In January.

Bean Burr!

From 50 Things

Cold But Happy!

From 50Things2

49. I Wandered Around an Art Museum All by Myself.
I ran into these two!  It seems I am usually with others when at Museums of any kind, but Jim’s new co-worker gave me his membership card to use for the day!  We are now members and I hope to wander around more on my own. The place is HUGE!

From 50Things2

50.  Moved into a High Rise Apartment.

The Views from Our “Gnomin’ On Up” Home…In the Warmer Weather.

The Lake!

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And Millennium/Daley/Grant Parks!

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My 51st Birthday Chicago Celebrations!

Lunch After a Massage!

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Afternoon Pick Me Up After Chicago Sight Seeing!

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Late Night Dinner after The Peking Acrobat Show!

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25 Random Things About Living in South East Rural Georgia

•October 22, 2014 • Leave a Comment

I did one of these for Honduras and one for Vermont…

Why not Georgia?!

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1. Vidalia Sweet Onions come from Vidalia Georgia, where we lived.  They really do grow there!

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2.  Almost every little town in South East Georgia has a Festival of some kind.  Just around where we lived, we have been to the Sweet Onion Fest, the Big Squeal BBQ Fest, The Wild Hog Fest (where there were was no Wild Hog BBQ), the Tree Fest (where they celebrated logging), the Snake Roundup, and sadly we just the Moonshine Fest.

From GARattleSnakeRoundup2014
From GAThings

3.  If it is alive, it can be ran over and killed on country roads.  We have seen cats, dogs, turtles, snakes, squirrels, birds, deer, possum, skunks, armadillo, raccoon, and even a river otter.

From GARattleSnakeRoundup2014

4.  There are a lot of churches, of any and all kind.  For example in Vidalia, a town of 10,500 there are around 30 churches, which makes for 350 people per church if everyone went to church in town.

5.  There are a lot of fast food places, In same town above, there are around 20 fast food places to eat.

From GAThings

6. People Drink on the Down Low.  There are not many drinking establishments, but there are tons of places to buy drink.  At many of those above festivals they do not serve even beer and if they do, barely anyone buys it.

7.  There is a lot of logging in South East Georgia which makes for many tree farms and not much in the natural forest area.

8.  Speaking of farms, tree or any kind, burn a lot so the air quality is not as good as it should be for rural areas.  With this said, the burning makes for nice sunsets!

From GAThings

9. It is common for people on long time family owned property will just move out of the old house, build a new one or get a mobile home right near it, then let the old one go to pot.

From Old GA Buildings

10.  People born and raised in Atlanta barely have an accent, especially compared to the people in South East Georgia.

11.  Picking is pretty darn good.

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12.  People think Jim and I have an accent.

13.  Southern hospitality does exist, but for some, I think, for just a limited period of time per person.

14.  Recycling is not important at all, so much the city does not even pick up glass (but does pick up paper, plastics, and cans).  At those above mentioned festivals, there are NO recycling bins.  I could not even find any at the Atlanta airport, but someone assured me there were some!

15.  The swamps are pretty in a scary lonely dripping with mossy kind of way.

From 5 P Weekend

16.  Savannah is one cool city, I would say the coolest in all of Georgia.  Besides being more of a city, it is a funky, artsy, dripping with history, good food, awesome architecture party place.

From April2014BlogPostPhotos
From April2014BlogPostPhotos

17.  We actually ran into a random burlesque show in Augusta where women had hand grinders grinding on their metal breast plates, so ALL of Georgia is not as conservative as we thought.

18.  Mayhaw berries grow wild in the swamps around here which make for good jelly.  And if you know where to go and what to ask for  you, you just may be able to get some!

19.  Around here they make grape salad and it is beyond a yummy.  It is made of a bunch of white stuff, grapes, and I am so sure it is not good for you.

20.  Their BBQ is not spicy usually, more tangy…and it is everywhere!

21.  We were preached to at times.

22.  Cotton is also grown here!

From GAThings

23.  Walmart is the best place to go for organic food of any kind.

24.  Chenille was started in North East, GA at the turn of the century and I found a lot of it and sold all of it!

From GAThings

25. The Fruit Cake Capitol of the World is in South East, GA!

From GARattleSnakeRoundup2014

Good-Bye Georgia.  It was an experience.  I loved learning how your onions get so sweet, how cotton grows, how you pronounce my name, how great real southern food tastes, and how sweet some of you can be.

So sweet I want to stick you in my pocket so I can pull you out later for a treat!

And I will.