About THE heNdeRbAlz

The HenderBalz is made up of Jim Henderson and Dawn Balzarano.  One of Dawn’s older brother’s came up with “HenderBalz” the day before they were married, when they heard Dawn was not going to change her name. Dawn and Jim liked it so much they kept it!

To the Point:

They are working, writing, photographing, videoing, crafting roaming gnome loving nomads.

The Long Story:

Even before they were married in 2007, they had decided to move to Central America for a year to learn Spanish and to volunteer.   Well, they did it and they did it in Honduras. For 14 months they volunteered at an orphanage in La Ceiba, Honduras and with Engineering projects in rural Honduras. They were also able to travel to Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize in those 14 months. Read about their adventures in the archives of this blog!

After 4 months in Brooklyn, they lived in Brattleboro, VT for 18 months. Then they lived on Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce, Florida for a year.  After that they went back to Brattleboro, VT for 9 months.  Back to Florida, but this time Indialantic, Florida where they now consider that their home, but were only there for 2 Months.  Then a Month in Northern California before they moved to Vidalia, Georgia where they lived for a year.  They lived in the Lakeshore East Area of the North Loop for 18 months. They now live in Walnut Creek, CA.

Dawn is the writer, camera person and crafter for this blog. Jim is also a photo/videographer as well. They want to not only share their wonderful experiences with their family and friends, but with the new people they meet along the way and complete strangers as well.  Since Dawn is a journal writer, she also want to write it all down to have for their own.

They hope you enjoy their writing, photography, and very amateur videos.

Dawn Started an Arts & Crafting Blog.  Please Visit it!  OUR OWN BIG WORLD!

Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Thank you for visiting!  And please visit again and again!  I used to post weekly, but sorry now I only get in around monthly.

Our Lives are Just Not as Exciting As They Used to Be!  ;o)

THE heNdeRbALz

4 Responses to “About THE heNdeRbAlz”

  1. Jim: i’m on skype: energy2475

    Ket ne gear frin U


  2. Missing american citizen, We are searching for my brother, Joe dunsavage, who went missing off the coast of Roatan, in a catamaran on may 10, 2009. Indications are that he would have hit land around the La Ceiba area. If you know any information, any rumors that have been heard, please respond back. Have people heard about his being missing? Is it on the news at all. could you please advise? We were told of rumors of an American found and taken to Centro Honduran on Wednesday the 13th, then possibly transfered to Atlantidad Hospital. Have you heard anything about this? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  3. we are due to depart tomorrow for Honduras/LaCeiba – Hard to tell from news coverage (or lack of) if it is okay or not. we have a group coming to work on a community center. could you give me a heads-up on the situation via private email – thanks in advance. J

  4. Hey J & D- love the new blog page, layout and sequencing! El Salvador – what a trip. Sorry I didn’t make it to see you guys or CA this last year. Glad you are alive and living more dreams. Safe travel to your next destination.

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