25 Random Things About Living in South East Rural Georgia

I did one of these for Honduras and one for Vermont…

Why not Georgia?!

From GAThings

1. Vidalia Sweet Onions come from Vidalia Georgia, where we lived.  They really do grow there!

From GnomeShackPorch

2.  Almost every little town in South East Georgia has a Festival of some kind.  Just around where we lived, we have been to the Sweet Onion Fest, the Big Squeal BBQ Fest, The Wild Hog Fest (where there were was no Wild Hog BBQ), the Tree Fest (where they celebrated logging), the Snake Roundup, and sadly we just the Moonshine Fest.

From GARattleSnakeRoundup2014
From GAThings

3.  If it is alive, it can be ran over and killed on country roads.  We have seen cats, dogs, turtles, snakes, squirrels, birds, deer, possum, skunks, armadillo, raccoon, and even a river otter.

From GARattleSnakeRoundup2014

4.  There are a lot of churches, of any and all kind.  For example in Vidalia, a town of 10,500 there are around 30 churches, which makes for 350 people per church if everyone went to church in town.

5.  There are a lot of fast food places, In same town above, there are around 20 fast food places to eat.

From GAThings

6. People Drink on the Down Low.  There are not many drinking establishments, but there are tons of places to buy drink.  At many of those above festivals they do not serve even beer and if they do, barely anyone buys it.

7.  There is a lot of logging in South East Georgia which makes for many tree farms and not much in the natural forest area.

8.  Speaking of farms, tree or any kind, burn a lot so the air quality is not as good as it should be for rural areas.  With this said, the burning makes for nice sunsets!

From GAThings

9. It is common for people on long time family owned property will just move out of the old house, build a new one or get a mobile home right near it, then let the old one go to pot.

From Old GA Buildings

10.  People born and raised in Atlanta barely have an accent, especially compared to the people in South East Georgia.

11.  Picking is pretty darn good.

From April2014BlogPostPhotos

12.  People think Jim and I have an accent.

13.  Southern hospitality does exist, but for some, I think, for just a limited period of time per person.

14.  Recycling is not important at all, so much the city does not even pick up glass (but does pick up paper, plastics, and cans).  At those above mentioned festivals, there are NO recycling bins.  I could not even find any at the Atlanta airport, but someone assured me there were some!

15.  The swamps are pretty in a scary lonely dripping with mossy kind of way.

From 5 P Weekend

16.  Savannah is one cool city, I would say the coolest in all of Georgia.  Besides being more of a city, it is a funky, artsy, dripping with history, good food, awesome architecture party place.

From April2014BlogPostPhotos
From April2014BlogPostPhotos

17.  We actually ran into a random burlesque show in Augusta where women had hand grinders grinding on their metal breast plates, so ALL of Georgia is not as conservative as we thought.

18.  Mayhaw berries grow wild in the swamps around here which make for good jelly.  And if you know where to go and what to ask for  you, you just may be able to get some!

19.  Around here they make grape salad and it is beyond a yummy.  It is made of a bunch of white stuff, grapes, and I am so sure it is not good for you.

20.  Their BBQ is not spicy usually, more tangy…and it is everywhere!

21.  We were preached to at times.

22.  Cotton is also grown here!

From GAThings

23.  Walmart is the best place to go for organic food of any kind.

24.  Chenille was started in North East, GA at the turn of the century and I found a lot of it and sold all of it!

From GAThings

25. The Fruit Cake Capitol of the World is in South East, GA!

From GARattleSnakeRoundup2014

Good-Bye Georgia.  It was an experience.  I loved learning how your onions get so sweet, how cotton grows, how you pronounce my name, how great real southern food tastes, and how sweet some of you can be.

So sweet I want to stick you in my pocket so I can pull you out later for a treat!

And I will.


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