Thank YOU for Helping Me Down.

Before I went “down”, with your helped, I RAISED approximately $1500.00 for the Chicago Respiratory Health Association from their “Skyline Plunge” Fundraiser I participated in last May.


Yes, It is almost a Year Later, but it has been a VERY busy 9 months. We packed up our Chicago apartment in June, traveled to Europe hitting mostly Scandinavian Countries and hanging out with my nephew who is going to University in Estonia in July.  Then we lived on couches and cat sat while on a cross-country trip across the US.  And although my last blog said we were moving to Michigan, we did not.  We are now settled in Walnut Creek, CA, a half hour outside of San Francisco closer to family, both of ours.  And those families have kept us busy with dinners, birthdays, outings, birthday parties, and the Holidays since last October.


But that all is not what this blog post is about…it is about Thanking you for Donating the fundraiser and for Helping me do something  yet again crazy.

Okay, and I have the photos to prove it!


I started…

Way Up there with a Partner, who was so Scared, I Promised to go Down with Her.


Jim’s View.  Yes, he watched the whole thing and I had a Cheering Section too!


My Chicago Girls…Colleen, Michelle, Kate, Sherri, Diana and her Friend!  Loved seeing all their faces after I made it all the way down!


Look Ma, No Hands!


I would stop to enjoy the view!  It was such a GREAT Day!


My Supah Stah Stance!


Almost at The Wit Sign!


Just Hanging Around.  La La La.


Yes, There is Writing on My Pants.

One Leg says, “I “Heart” Jim” and the Other Leg says, “Tubes of Love.”

In case your are interested of what is “Tubes of Love “, go to .


Rappel Contraption Locked…Hanging in Mid Air!


Almost There…


Done and Happy.  Actually High…So Cool!

This was the last time ever The Respiratory Health Association was going to do this Fundraiser and was lucky to not only do The Plunge, but to raise money for something that is near and dear to me as I suffer from 2 different Respiratory Diseases, Asthma and Samter’s Triad.

Thank you Again for All that Donated!

Stay Tuned for Posts on Our Adventures in Europe and the Cross Country Road Trip!


~ by My Gnome Little World on April 8, 2017.

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