Long Over Due…But Worth the View.

Living in Limbo, Sometimes, is Not so Bad.

Our Limbo Living from Last Summer (July 2016)

First Stop…



The Land of Fire, Ice and…



Lots of Beauty.  We Loved Iceland and we Only saw a Small Bit of it.  Fortunately we Rented and Car and Hit the Road right from the Airport!



Who Needs to Sleep when we you’re in the Land of the Midnight Sun!


And where the fist were plenty. Yes, those are fish.


To be precise, cod fish heads drying out. Thousands of them. We drove past. I made Jim go back, drive down a driveway to get a closer look. I got out, took lots of photos while Jim stayed behind the wheel in case needed a quick get-away!


The color there is different. Well, it seems that way from the light.



There is a great mix of old and new. The wonderful new performing arts glass building was amazing.


And this ancient, viking seeming, burial headstone was equalling amazing. Wait, didn’t Vikings send their dead off on a fiery raft into the sea? Well, maybe this was a memorial to one of them!


And then there was this! And it was worth it.


Iceland, we will be back…for the Northern Lights and to Get to the Other side of the Island.


Next Blog Post will be Copenhagen Jazz Festival!  Sneak Peak below:



Toodles for Now. Thanks for Visiting!


~ by My Gnome Little World on September 27, 2017.

6 Responses to “Long Over Due…But Worth the View.”

  1. Your photos are great. What are those white things in the field rolled up like hay? Ice? Pardon my ignorance, lol. Sounds like you had a really great time. Safe travels to Copenhagen.

  2. Maybe they do it in more humid environments???

  3. Great pictures! Always love seeing your work😘

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