12 more days!

We are completely moved out of our house.  Our kitty has a new home in Martinez (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Henderson).   Our mail is being forwarded to its new home (thanks Mom and Paul Heller).  And we are living in our temporary digs (thanks Balzarano Clan).   Jim has one week left at work and Dawn is spending this time tying up loose ends.  Our last week in Sacramento will be filled with spending lots of time with Randy, Dawn, Carl, Olivia and Isabella, as well as seeing and doing things in Sacramento we like.  We have had some fun spending time with family like a camping trip with the Balzarano clan, then a weekend up at the Maxwell cabin in Oregon, and lets not forget the Henderson family gathering in Martinez!  We look forward to seeing some friends in SF this upcoming weekend too.  We can not even describe how much we will miss everyone and we will always be in you lives.  You know Dawn…she loves her emails!  Make sure to check this blogsite regularly!

~ by My Gnome Little World on August 12, 2008.

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