Adios America, Hello Honduras!

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We made it!  Safe, sound and sweaty as a stockbroker.  San Pedro Sula is a big not so pretty city, but it has its charm…a big square that the whole city is centered around.  Ummm…that is about it. 

We were greeted at the airport by Matt, Jims volunteer contact.  A young guy from Conneticut out for a challenge and to change the world.  Also a great contact because he not only gave us a ride, he made hotel reservations for us and got us hooked up with a great dinner!  The local Director of Global Community Developement (google it) invited us over for a bbq Honduran style.  Strips of marinated beef, salad, spicy cheese, the freshest sweetest pinapple ever, and tortillas.   It was a great night, but at some point I was very overwhelmed with going straight from me Mum’s house in the good U. S. of A to a home of strangers in Honduras.  I know, not usual for me, but I think it was the language barrier and missing my family being around their family.  Teens texting, sisters laughing and friends having a good time.  We can’t wait until we can speak Spanish. but we are starting to use it more and more.  Heck, we did get contact lenses with an eye exam and did not walk out blind!

Wandered the streets today, checked out a market place, got those contact lenses for our scuba diving adventures on the islands (cheap!) and tried to register with the embassy but the line was too long and crazy.  And of course, we ate…not shortage of chicken, beef and pork.

We leave for La Ceiba tomorrow where we will find a language school, check out the town and start to set up home for a month.  Maybe also meet up with Dario and nice local guy who now calls Maui home for a 2 pig feast at his family’s house (Jason, we know you are salivating).  But before we start school, we go to Utilla for a week or so for diving and total relaxation mon (said in a Garifuna Carribean accent). 

Then on Oct. 18th we have a dinner party to attend.  Our first Honduran E-vite! 

Oh, no photos for awhile since our laptop is in the shop.  We will try to upload some here and there though!

~ by My Gnome Little World on October 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Adios America, Hello Honduras!”

  1. The more pigs being barbequed, the merrier. Get some photos.

  2. Hey, it was a pleasure meeting you guys, and stuffing our faces with marinated beef strips! haha…. great to hear that you blog… I look forward to hearing more about your adventures and collaborating with you on some projects in the future….

  3. Hey you two! Looks (and sounds) like fun so far. Have a great time diving, and if you can upload a few pics, all the better! xo, Dawn

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