La La La Ceiba, Ai Ai Ai Ai!

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We have been in La Ceiba for a couple of days now and feel comfortable here.  As Central American towns go, this one is nice but cuteness factor in towns is not of much importance here.  We are on the look out for another town as cute as Antigua, Guatemala…now that is a cute historical town….but we are not holding our breathe.  We hope we like Tela a lot as it is a beach town and that is where we are thinking of settling after our language classes are over here.

We have been layng low, getting the lay of the land, and chilling out in our air conditioned room (hey, it is only 24.00 a night with a bathroom and balcony over a very busy and noisy street) watching American TV (okay okay, that sounds bad, but we must get it while we can I say :o).  We are also getting some errands done.  We have picked out our language school here in La Ceiba, we figured out how to get to the Bay Islands, and we found out from a young American couple who are teaching here for 2 years the basic cost of apartments.  And oddly enough Jim bought a watch, without cell phones we are time-dumb (like we missed the tourist office today as it closed at 12noon and we where there seconds too late), so he got himself an 80´s style digital casio for 8.00 bucks.  How cool is my husband!?  Let me see, what else exciting have we done, well, we bought some leches off a street vendor last night and ate them while in the main square…very yummy…like candy.

Speaking of food, our first night here we had pupusas, which are an El Savadorian dish that my brother in-law´s Mom used to make.  I love them and this place did them right!  Last night we treated ourselves to Mango Tango in the heart of Zona Viva since it was Friday night.  This place actually had a salad bar which I did not think was going to be good so I ordered a chicken dish instead.  But low and behold the dish came with the salad bar…and boy oh boy…that salad bar was awesome!  Pickled beets, a warm tangy mushroom salad. a cheese and corn salad, greens, and all the regular fixins as well as potato salad, a pasta salad like I have never seen before and delicious lite dressings.  So we ate a plateful of that and then our main dishes came, full of food.  I had a grilled chicken dish that came covered in grilled onions and a flavorful sauce, fried sweet plantains and rice.  Jim had a filet of fish with a spicy coconut sauce anda side of fries.  All for 7.00 each…which is a big splurge for us.   I got most of mine to go, since that salad was so huge, but when a cute little big brown eyed boy came by begging I gave him the food.  I saw him run off shoving the food in his mouth.  My first kindness to a Honduran child.   Look forward to many many more. 

Although it was a friday night, it was low key in Zona Viva, apparently Saturday night is the big night out here.  We stopped into a big place called The Palapa for a beer before heading home, again it was low key.  Home in bed by 11pm…big nights in the Carribean.  It is really nice though.  I woke up at 6:30am this morning and read for 2 hours! 

Tomorrow morning early we are off for Utila, wish us good weather.  We had our first huge down pour today, flooding the streets and all.  We plan to be on the island for the week, come back for the dinner party on the 18th and then go back until the 25th.  We start Spanish lessions on Oct. 27th, although just being here is a language lesson in itself.  We are finding when we are really tired, we do not want to speak Spanish.  It is just too much for our little pea brains!  Hopefully that will change!

Well, the sun is out now and we have more errands to run!  Email and keep on reading!

~ by My Gnome Little World on October 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “La La La Ceiba, Ai Ai Ai Ai!”

  1. JIMBO,

    Sounds like you two are having fun !!! Let me know when you are ready for guest I may fly down to see ya … we can’t break the string of getting together at least once a year …

  2. Cool guys! We just got back from the honeymoon in Acapulco & Cabo.
    Too bad you missed the wedding… I’m sure I’ll post photos soon enough.

    Enjoy the warm weather… I miss it already cuz it’s getting frio in Sac.
    Ciao for now!

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