To La Ceiba and Back!

We went to La Ceiba for the weekend because we had a dinner party to attend.  Yes, a dinner invite already.  Okay, it was through a non-profit down here we may do some volunteer work.  Check it out! Helping Honduras Kids

Great people and a great time! We have more connections in and around La Ceiba now! Thanks to Dave Ashby (Founder and Director) and Eve Horowitz (Volunteer Recruiter Extradinaire and fellow fast talking Long Islander)! If anyone is interested, they do need financial support and also take in volunteers for any length of time! I am sure we will do some kind of volunteering for them even if we do not stay in the La Ceiba area. I am thinking grants grants grants grants. So if any of you know of any for children’s programs in a third world country…let me know!

We are back on Utila now, after our “landlord” Desmonde’s son and brother inlaw dropped off a computer we brought back for him. They also gave us a tour of Desmonde’s new home in La Ceiba that we just may live in if we stay here. I told you about Desmonde in our last email…we are staying at his (and his wife’s, Delcia) 4 room hotel, Relax Inn. He is a good contact and a nice man…just offered us a ride around the island on his boat later in the week…with stops to snorkel too! Speaking of boat rides, the boat back to the island was a trip, okay, more like a roller coaster. The sea was rough and I loved it, but Green Gills Jim did not like it so much. He kept his stomach under control for the trip by looking at a spot on the horizon, but the girl seated near us did not fair so well by that method. And he is starting diving classes today! I am excited for him because breathing under the water is amazing, but in this nasty non stop rain weather it is not so fun. The visability is not so great and the boat rides for him won’t be fun. I may even pass on diving on this trip around as I am a fair weather diver!

A bit more about island life…there are around 8 small trucks, 2 regular cars, 20 golf carts and a countless number of dirt bikes and scooters on this island. Once when we were at the main cross roads it seems “traffic” was a bit backed up and from my husband’s lips and in a island accent, came “Total gridlock man!” Hee on the very thin streets would be more nice without the traffic, but it is better than La Ceiba and the constantly honking taxi cabs!

Okay, mon…on to do…well… nothing. Wait, I am going to sign up for a 20.00 hour massage and look into the 7.00 facials!

~ by My Gnome Little World on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “To La Ceiba and Back!”

  1. Green Gills Jim …. love it hahahhahahahahahahha sorry Jim heeeheeeheee
    The blog is amazing, hey I got a new Mac Book Pro, it is SOOOOOO awesome … sorry here you guys are shoeless in a third world country and i’m bragging about my NEW COMPUTER …. 😉

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