By a Landslide!

I have been taking a survey of non-american people I have met and am not surprised by the outcome. My laid back island statistics has come to the conclusion that Obama would win by a landslide if this were an international vote.  Not one person in my causal survey has said McCain.  This is my little plug…now those of you leaning towards, on the fence or definitely on McCains side…please think what that says about us.   If people from all over the world wants Obama to win…what do they know that some of us don’t!   We need more than a change of a person in the white house, we need a party change and a new fresh look at things.  First and foremost, VOTE, and second…vote for Obama!

I am finishing Obama’s first book he wrote after becoming the first black president of Harvard’s Law Review.  He had an interesting and international childhood, it is a good and easy read.   I think it is called, THE DREAMS OF MY FATHER (or something like that).

Now, on to more fun stuff…island life…let me see there is that time I fell of the dock into the lagoon!  Okay, it was dark and I thought the dock went all the way to the building next to it…but it did not!  The water was not of the lovely carribean kind, so I was grossed out…but besides a scrape on the knee and it scaring the hell out of me…I am okay!  The party we went to on the end of the dock was fun too…a Dive Master graduation party!  Speaking of dive masters, Jim is at his last day of diving school today.   Wooo Hooo…he will officially be an Open Water Certified PADI diver tomorrow!  We will go do some dives together tomorrow hand in hand under the deep blue sea!  Aaaaah!

Desmonde and Delcia, our hotel “landlords” still are amazing us with great food.  The other day conch soup and today we will  have a freshly caught fish dinner.  Took a long walk with Delcia yesterday and she should me these huge homes Americans are building along the water.  Although they are not super expensive, they are not an island steal some people would like.  199K for a condo is not that great if you ask me, when Desmond just told us he built a house on the mainland, La Ceiba, for a total of 4000. with paying arounmd 1500. for the land!!!!   So, I doubt we will be buying a place here…it would be nice though!

We went to this bar the other night called, “TreeTantic” and it like a tree fort in this wonderful artand tree garden.  The location is called “The Jade Seahorse” and even has cabins.  Check it out The Jade Seahorse. A gecko ran up my leg and onto my shirt and I did not even know it until it touched my skin…I freaked out and fortunately flicked it off before it got to my hair! I am not afriad of geckos, but Jim had just pointed out this giant web with a giant spider in it off the back of the seating area we were relaxing at! I moved away from the trees after that! Wish we could show you our photos of the art garden there…but do check out the link for an idea. Very cool!

Okay, I need to go meet up with Jim for lunch!

~ by My Gnome Little World on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “By a Landslide!”

  1. Be sure to let your American friends know when and where would be good to visit the both of you. A tropical paradise beats the cubicle farm from where I type this.

  2. The Jade SeaHorse is so adorable! And tropical! Miss you guys and hope you are well, haven’t heard from you in a bit. Love, Christy

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