A Sunny Day at the Beach!

Before I tell you about Tela and our sunny day at the beach, let me update you on other things.

We had a nice International party of 10 people at the Expatriates Bar in La Ceiba for the election night. Only 3 of us were from the States, we had a few Canadians, an Australian and a guy from Sweden who probably knew more about the election process than any of us! He says, he loves politics…thank goodness someone does!

Photos of election night:


It was a nice evening of good results, convo and beers. After Obama´s speech, the birthday boys…two of the Canadians (23, 30) and Jim (big 40) all had a shot of the Garifuno drink, Guifity (I think that is how you spell it). They say it is like a digetivo, from the sip I had it tasted like something to make you throw up…not help your digestive system. Oh, the Garifuno people are decendents from when ships carrying slaves either ran ashore or for other reasons they just ¨dumped¨off their cargo. So, there is a large African descent population here…very much the island type of people living mostly along the Carribean and on the islands. They have awesome music and food!

The rest of the week, we were in school learning our spanish like good little students. We are comngalong and just need to practice speaking it more. We also took advantage of the dry weather and washed and hung out our clothes. We also had dinner witha french couple we met that moved here 14 months. They just bought a 3 bedroom 2 bath home for 65K and are putting 15K into it to fix it up more. Although it may seem cheap to some of you…that price is kind of high…the prices are even going up here!!! The recently found a new Thai resturaunt…now that should be an interesting experience…Thai in Honduras!

We took off for Tela on Saturday (Nov. 8th) to check out it as a potential place to live. It ismuch smaller than La Ceiba, but it is a beach town. We are checking it out. There are some awesome national parks near here too. We are off now to check out an Engineers without Borders project for Jim too.

Our day yesterday was lovely. We walked to this hotel that rents lounge chairs and little canopies. We laid back, watched the waves, the kids playing and the adults doing tricks on their ATVs. We also read a spanishbook that is for children…hey…we have to start somewhere! We ended our day at the beach with fruffy fruit drinks on the beach…we had to do it! The sun set and we sipped our cocktails…good times. Today is back to overcast, but at least it is not raining!

~ by My Gnome Little World on November 10, 2008.

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  1. Hey Jim & Dawn, great to catch up on your lives via your blog. Seems things have finally settled into a routine again after returning from Honduras. Vaughn was extremely sick the first week we were back, but he’s getting better. Our last week in Honduras was full of highs and lows. It was WONDERFUL to see everyone in the village, but with it being the rainy season, there was a lot of illness. We were able to build a retaining wall behind the feeding kitchen (which had a great deal of water damage) and pour a new concrete floor. We were able to help a few families with repairs due to flood damage. You would not believe one of the houses! When I walked up the hill for a visit, I stood in shock when the house came into view. The two room adobe house was missing the entire back corner of the house. The kitchen was completely washed away…so sad, but we were glad to be there to help. Another downer was that our rented vehicle’s engine locked up when we had to drive though some water (you know how bad the flooding was), and insurance won’t cover the repair. Oh well…things happen. Hope you’re having a great time and that you are getting some sunshine! I’m jealous of you getting to go to language school. ENJOY!!!

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