The story of Tela!

First, I am bit behind in my writing…BUT GOOD NEWS! I added photos to some of my past posts…so check them out.  They may not be right at the top…so look hard!  And there are photos for you to view here and now!

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We got to Tela mid day, found a hotel and then got lunch! We basically just checked out the town, the main square, the beach and ¨broadwalk¨ and the people for the day. He had a seafood dinner at a place on the boardwalk. Let me picture it for you…at the most a block long of concrete with tables and chairs all over the place as make shift restaurants! Our dinner was great though! We hung out there for a bit just relaxing, listening to the loud music. Maybe around 10pm we took off..I was hoping to hit Iguanas sports bar and disco, but Jim was not into it so off to our room. We had a TV and cable and was able to watch a movie in english! But there was a bit of a problem…construction work downstairs…until 10pm and then early the next morning. We moved out and got a great deal on this nice place down the road…thank goodness for slow seasons!

We slept in the next day and missed breakfasts times in the restaurants…so we went off for more seafood. Then we hit the beach. The main beach in town is not too bad, but we walked for around 15 minutes where this big hotel is. There is a restaurant on the beach and they rent lounge chairs and umbrellas for 1.25 a day…we indulged ourselves. And around 4pm we indulged ourselves even more…we got tropical cocktails to drink on the beach. Hey…when in paradise…get an umbrella drink!

Another evening of the same, dinner, people watching, a beer or two and off to bed early. The next day we went to the Botanical Gardens which is more like a big park, then any kind of organized, labeled garden. Thank goodness we had our guide…but he only spoke spanish…so we were stretching our Spanish understanding and speaking skills to the limit. But it was good practice! We ate odd fruit and smelled nuts and leaves from bay trees, cumin, cardamon, camphor, and stuff they use in vics! It was a really nice time…and very beautiful.

That night we had dinner with Matt, Jim´s Engineers without Boarders Honduran connection and two other Engineers that were volunteering in Tela for 2 months trying to figure out their sewage problem. Fun fun…now Jim will be working on figuring out their dump problem. Even more fun!

The final day we went to Punto Izopo which is similar to Cuerp y Salado…a river, this time kayaks, mangroves and animales! This time it was sunny and we took our time. We saw monkeys, two caymans (a type of alligator), lots of birds, and a sun tanning turtle. And we got a lot of exercise and even went through tiny little pathways through the mangroves hitting our heads on vines, branches and even toots! After the kayak trip was over we headed to a tiny Garifuna town and had lunch. I had ceviche…which I can not get enough of here! Jim had conch soup. The place was right on the beach, so we did some relaxing after the exercise.

We showered our sweat away when we got home and looked for a new pair of flip flops for Jim. His broke during our day after they were damaged by Lola the parrot. It seems most Honduran men have smaller feet than my Fred Flinstone Footed husband…so his new ones barely fit.

Again we found a yummy place to eat, drank our salva vidas and then settled in afterwards in our hotel room for a nice movie night in our nice hotel room with TV and hot water (mind you it only cost of 20.00 a night)!

The rest of our week off from school and stories of the Jungle River Lodge to come soon!

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