A Place to Live and the Time to Give!

Will add some photos later…so check back!

Although we have been volunteering here and there for the last month, we will start gung ho after the holidays, especially since we will be somewhat settled in our new apartment in La Ceiba.

I will be splitting most of my time between an orphanage for boys 9 to 18 years old and a preschool, as well as a few other programs here and there. Jim will be splitting his time up helping with dumps and water systems for small towns along the coast and erosion and water programs for small mountain schools. We are ready to start giving like so many great and wonderful people we have meet here that are either volunteering for whatever periods of time to dedicating their lives to helping people here in Honduras.

And if you want to help us give more…

Email me. Dawn, at sfgirl_dawn@yahoo.com for more information. We are looking for monetary donations of any size to art/crafts/sports supplies!

Some of our time away from volunteering will be spent in our new two bedroom (yes, room for guests) apartment (it seems one bedroom places are quite rare here) a block away from the outdoor market, 5 blocks from the central park, 3 blocks from the beach and 2 blocks from Zona Viva!

The place is much bigger than we were expecting, so we have started up our swing dance practice again! Okay, that is because we do not have much furniture! We have a red plastic table with 4 red chairs in our dinning area. We have a double size bed in our room. We have two 4¨ twin size mattresses in our guest room/office (where Jim will be doing most of his volunteer work) for any of you that want to visit. And we have slept on them and they are very comfortable! We had to get a fridge and stove…so with budget in mind and the prices here being much higher than we ever imagined…we have a 3 foot fridge and a funky large toaster oven with two burners on it for a stove/oven combo! Oh, and of course Jim needs a grill, we are getting a small style one for our somewhat closed in balcony…but we figured a way to not burn down the building! And while Jim needed his grill, Dawn needed a Christmas tree. The 2 footer along with some lights and decorations cost a whopping 6.00! We do not have a couch or much else…but we have a Christmas tree!

Our new landlord and neighbor, Gerald Cole (aka ¨The Gringo¨), is wonderful, along with his wife, Ramina, and 2 daughters, Nicole and Hilary.  Although Gerald looks like and has a gringo name….he is 100% Honduran. We hope to continue to have a great relationship with our new friends over the year and beyond!

We are now in Tela awaiting our friends, Jason and Justin from the West Coast to get here! We are looking forward to a fun SUN (yes it is still raining, but Jim has not started on the ARK yet because we have had some breaks from the hard down pours) filled time with them over the next 10 days.

Then we will try to make our way up north to the top of Belize to spend the holiday with Jim´s Aunt Audrey and cousin Laith. We are a bit worried about getting there without missing Christmas because here sometimes the adventure is getting to the place! Then we are off to celebrate the new year on Caye Caulker off the coast of mid Belize. One of my favorite places and now I will share it with Jim!


To our family and friends, we love and miss you!

~ by My Gnome Little World on December 12, 2008.

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