Super Bowl vs Honduras Futbol

We like the social aspect of such sporting events whether it is American football or Honduran futbol!   And here is our comparison between the two.


Super Bowl 2009


 We had no idea who was playing in this particular American football tradition, nor did we care.  All we knew was that it was a packed house at Expats, with TVs tuned in, drinks being served, and a poster board with a football pool being passed around.  Jim and I wanted in…50 lempira a person.  What the heck…$2.50…pools are not cheap here!  For a side bet on top of the pool, Jim and I picked teams.  I let him pick first, of course he went with Pittsburgh.  I am an underdog kind of gal anyway, so AZ was fine with me. 


The game began and we were actually watching it, but only until our French friend, Audrey, showed up that is.  Between talking to Audrey, eating our super meat special meal and ordering more Salva Vidas…a lot of the game was missed.  But to me that is what a super bowl party is all about…hanging with friends. 


We did get to see some good bits, like when that Steelers dude (# 92 James Harrison) got the ball and ran all the way down the field with it.  Damn, not good for my team, but a good play none the less, apparently the best in super bowl history.  Exciting, but talking to Audrey about her designer clothing shopping sprees in Paris was much more fun.  Just to be able to do that once, without financial worries, would be like my own little super bowl! 


The evening did not end there as there was a Budweiser girl there giving away schwag.  Now we are not Americans who need to drink American beer while in other countries, especially Budweiser, but free schwag is another whole story!  I was in need of a little backpack for my trips to the boy’s home.  There is a style that is popular here; simple with a drawer string top that doubles as straps.  The Bud Girl was giving them away with a purchase of a bucket of buds.  I could do with maybe one more beer…but 6 more…that is just crazy talk!  I tried my honed skills of getting free schwag, but I was rusty and got shut down by the Bud Girl.  She shut down a girl leaving her family and friends for a year to work with the children of Honduras.  How rude!  I thought that bit would work, but the Bud Girls here do not wear hot outfits OR give away things for nothing!  My loving husband came to my rescue, bought the bucket (mind you a whopping $6.50 total) so I could have my backpack.  For his heroic behavior the Bud Girl kicked in a hat as well.  Now that is proper Super Bowl behavior!  The Bud Girl redeemed her self. 


We drank and shared the beer, the Steelers won and the crowd dwindled.  We did not win the pool, came close a couple times, but close ain’t good enough.  Jim joked that he would make me pay up on our little bet, but to this day he has not.  Shhhhh!  We walked home with good cheer and got there safely.  That in itself makes for a perfect night! 


Honduras vs Costa Rica Futbol

2009 – Feb. Honduras vs Costa Rica futbol

I have been trying to figure this out since we watched our first futbol game here, I do believe these big games are play offs up to the next World Cup.  So, in that aspect Super bowl ain’t nothn’!  Of course, not every country plays football, American style. 


The game did not start until 8:30pm.  They can start a game that late here because it is a much faster game with fewer interruptions.  We got there a bit before 7:00pm and the place was already packed, a sea of the blue and white Honduras team jerseys.  Probably twice as many people as for the Super Bowl, but then again we are in a country where soccer is basically the only sport.  Fortunately, our friends got there around 6:00pm and saved a table. 


We had more people to enjoy the festivities with this time around, funny enough, all Americans well, accept Audrey.  There was Paul and Andy, women Jim volunteer with through Global Community Development.  Kate is volunteering at the Jungle School, through Helping Honduras Kids.  And Heather is a 4th year med student in Boston here for the semester learning Spanish and volunteering at the public hospital.  As well as a handful of other people scattered around the table from the language school. 


Buckets of Salva Vida were brought to the table, if you are not sure what a bucket of beer is, it is just that.  Some beer lovers may envision a bucket of beer with a straw in it, but it is only a bucket with 6 bottles of beer in it with ice.  It is usually less expensive to buy a bucket than one beer at a time. Some of us ate dinner, Jim opted for a huge pork dinner and I had some steak on a salad.  With our bellies full, we were ready to celebrate. 


Soon after our buckets showed up, so did the Salva Vida girl.  Okay, I was not particularly happy about buying buds to get free stuff at the super bowl, but at last we got free stuff.  Now Salva Vida’s gig was you fill out a piece of paper for a drawing at the end of the game.  We fell for it, but there was no drawing at the end of the game!!!  Beer Girl party fowl!  At least this one dressed up in a hot outfit, unlike the Budweiser girl, jeans and oversize t-shirt, come on! 


Between the time we got there and when THE game actually started, people were watching the US vs Mexico game.  I did not watch much of it, but US won!  There was a lot time just talking, getting to know some of the new peeps, photo taking and laughter. 


And then it was time, the game was starting, the main event!   People were “Sssshhh-ing!” during the national anthem, the excitement level was high.  And then from there I am not sure what happened with the game.  I think a few close calls, but no scores for quite awhile.  I got distracted with trying to set up the two 4th year med students, talking about having our Valentine’s dinner with 3 extra girls (not a bad scene for Jim), and music.  Both Jim and Audrey are very much into music, well, I am too, but I usually can’t remember the name of one song from my favorite band, much less all the new bands constantly coming out.  I leave it to them to introduce me to new stuff. 


Then, damnit, Costa Rica scored.  Not bad, there was still time for Honduras to score…uh…until Costa Rica scored again.  But being optimistic and with 43 minutes still left in the game, I was hoping, as well as everyone else at Expats, Honduras could turn it around.  Time slipped away, more talking and then the game ended without any fan fare at all.  People just quietly and slowly dwindled out the door.  No cries of shame, no fights, no loud yells of anger at the loss.  I was not sure what to expect because when Honduras wins, the whole town goes nuts!  I thought, maybe all the emotion goes the opposite way for a loss, but no.  They took the very big loss like soldiers.  I think that although Honduras has been doing great so far in the running, they may now be out of the running for the World Cup.  If so, a very sad day for Honduras.


By this time, most of our crowd had also dwindled down and left was just Jim, Audrey and me.  We were talking music…again.  You see Audrey is doing the music for Expats now, ever since her husband bought the place.  Well, he is partner with this older Canadian guy.  Anyway, she introduced us to the Tin Tins or Chin Chins (see I can not even remember the names of the bands now)…great music.  Very retro, I like old stuff so it is perfect for me! 


After declining an oatmeal cookie shooter from Audrey, Jim and I made our way home.  The streets were extra quiet which put us on alarm, but it was probably just due to the loss.  We got home safely, another perfect end to a nice night out.


Super Bowl vs Honduran Futbol Match


This is a hard call, we did have a blast the night of the super bowl, but there were less people at Expats and in our group that night.  But with the super bowl not everyone is upset at the loss because the crowd may be half and half, as with the futbol game…EVERYONE was for Honduras.  For the super bowl we did get schwag, but not for the futbol game.   But the Salva Vida girl was dressed sexier than the Bud girl.  Why I care about that, I do not know, maybe I am just that good of a wife!  Yeah, right!


I think there is no winner or loser in this competition.  We had a great time at both; it is all about the time we had, not who won or loss.  Now, our next sport adventure is going to a local futbol game at the big stadium near our apartment.  Now we hear they are really fun, raucous, but fun!


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  1. I like the Salva Vida girl!

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