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No, this is not a Honduran love fest or holy religious event. It is a holiday for one. That special one is Jim Henderson. It’s celebrated by two people only, and that would be Jim and me. Matter of fact, I made the holiday up just for Jim.

The Nine Days of Valentineka are the 9 days from February 6th, my birthday, to February 14th, Valentine’s Day, better known here as El Dia de Amor y Amistad (The Day of Love and Friendship). This holiday has been celebrated by the two of us since our first Valentine’s / Birthday together. Jim gives me birthday and Valentine’s presents on the appropriate days, and I give him small presents for nine days. It is our thing. It is nice to have a thing.

Over the years, my birthday was a big deal to me. I mean, I had to make it a big deal. I had the need to celebrate and celebrate big, parties, dinners out, lots of friends, or a trip away was the way to go. If it was not celebrated big, then I was kind of sad. I have been mellowing out since I met Jim, celebrating with just him seems okay. Well, we usually go away for a long weekend, but it is just the two of us! Our plan this year was to go to one of the islands off the coast of Honduras and dive so I could see a sea turtle, but the weather was not going along with our plans and we decided to stay on the mainland last minute instead.

The day, my birthday, went rather uneventfully so very nice. I spent a lot of time reading facebook and email, and all the happy birthday wishes there. Thank you by the way! I even got to have a good IMing session with Patty too. I also called Rina Bo Beana and we chatted it up like I was down the street. And then I called my parents. Have to talk to me Mum on the day she birthed me! I also have to give kudos to my Mother and Step Father because they have been such a huge help. They are not only taking care of our car, but all of our mail and bills too. Not to even mention, what they have done to help us with our computer issues! Thanks guys, we really appreciate your help! Telephone calls to the states, are always quite a treat!

At some point in the early afternoon onthis day I get older we decided to go out in search of a pedicure for my cranky dry feet. We found it and Jim stayed by my side for the 2 hour long process! He insisted he did not want one as well, he missed out! Two hours, now that is a pedicure. She scraped and she scraped and she scraped the dead skin. She then massaged a rough exfoliation cream all over my feet and ankles, and then scraped some more. After a bit of a painful cuticle cutting session, she then went into a lovely foot and leg, all the way up to the back of my knees, massage. Some people just do not know the art of pedicures because they get them regularly, or from the staff’s point of view they want to finish one to get to the next. This woman knew it was an art and I appreciate her in every way. I have been wearing sandals for 5 months now non-stop, many times in hard driving rain, through puddles, in sea water, on dry sandy beaches, and through dirty dusty city and country roads. I now appreciate the art of pedicures like I have never done so before. And the budget traveler in me appreciates that it all only cost $5.00. I can’t wait to tell you about the $7.00 massage, but the place was closed so we have not yet gotten to appreciate that art as of yet.

As a special treat, we had Pizza Hut pizza for lunch. Yes, I know an American chain, argh! But it is the only pizza in town and I wanted pizza…birthday girl should get what she wants, right? After our late lunch, we did not have a lot of time on our hands to relax before our last minute planned get together with some friends. Since we were supposed to go out of town, we did not have an agenda for the evening, but between the two of us we were able to gather 4 friends on a Friday night to eat cake with us! Cake is always a good way to entice people! Before we walked out the door, I got the biggest treat of all, a call from my brother to wish me a happy day! Although I had to cut it short because we were leaving, I was able to hear him read a report my nephew, Carl, wrote for school on the Poison Dart Frog, another great birthday treat! It was really nice talking to my brother! We had to leave just then because our landlord was insisting he drive us to our destination. You see, there was a bit of a scene not but 20 minutes earlier where a gang was trying to extort money from the owner of the downstairs hair salon, the landlord’s mother. I just looked at it as a bit of birthday excitement!

We went to our regular hang out, Expats, shared a dinner since we had that late and filling lunch. We chatted a lot, got to know some people better, had a drink or two and then the cake came! Jim ordered if from a near by American style bakery, so we were all excited to taste the chocolate on the inside, white creamy icing on the outside and cherries on top cake. I blew out my candles, made a wish and then we dug in. Jim for some reason was passing out these little whimpy pieces…I asked for a big one. It was chocolate, the icing was creamy, and it was good, but the cake scene here whether it be a local or American style bakery just does not stand up to what we can get at home! It was tasty enough and our sugar need was filled. Not too much more time after that we all left into the rainy night with a sugar high. It was really nice to have friends, all new, some newer than others, to help me celebrate this very nice low key 45th birthday. I did not get that tattoo I said I would get on my 45th, unlike the chocolate cake; I will wait until we are back in the States for that!

Before I skip ahead to Valentine’s Day, I had a couple more birthday treats, like seeing and talking to my brother again, as well as my sister in-law Dawn, Carl, Olivia and Isabella on Skype! Although we had some technical difficulties it is always great to see the whole family. Talking on the phone is one thing, but seeing them there live in front of us is just special. I love Skype! And not just because it is free computer to computer or not that expensive for us to call to a phone in the States, but because we can see people who have cameras! We like that! Now go get Skype and call us at HenderBalz!

Then on top of that a couple of days later, I get a call from my sister, Carlene. We have not been able to talk since a 2 minute call on Christmas day, so that was a very nice treat! It was good to hear from her, especially since she told me they are trying to organize some time in August for a visit down here with the boys, my two teen nephews, Austin and Turner. Wonderful belated birthday news!


2009 – Feb. Dawn’s Birthday & Pillow Making

Now, as George Michael’s would say, “Let’s talk about sex!” Gross! I mean, let me tell you about our Valentine’s Day. Again we were very low key for most of the day, until we get a call reminding us we kind of made plans to have dinner with others that night. Yes, Valentine’s Day, a night for lover’s and we decide to spend it with a group of people, wait, not just people, but all women. Seeing as here they celebrate the day as a day of love and friendship, we were happy to celebrate and share our love with new friends. I am sure Jim could not ask for a better Valentine’s Day, Ladies Man and his 4 women!

First we started out with a cocktail and appetizer at our place which lasted a lot longer than planned, but the conversation, ideas and drinks were flowing. Then we walked down to Zona Viva where they were having a street fair. Kind of like the chocolate cake thing, fun but nothing like the street fairs back in San Francisco! There were lots of people walking up and down the street with a few game vendors here and there, including people setting up blocks in the middle of the road for a bowling like game, and of course, a band or two. We walked through it all straight to Mango Tango for a nice dinner. After a long sit at Mango Tango, we walked farther down the street and went to Hibou, THE one nice bar / disco in town. It is swanky compared to anything else I have seen around town. We went to the back part that looks over the beach and which is also the free “area” (the inside disco part is not so free). We hung out there, took some Ladies Man and his Women Valentine’s Day photos, and talked a lot more. When we left, the street was packed and it was hard to stay together. We stopped here and there to listen to music, watch the scene or just because we could not move any further. When we finally made it to the end of the fair, we all parted ways and headed towards our respective “homes.”

Not so romantic, but fun none the less. Jim and I have so much time together these days, one night out with friends does not hurt our romantic time at all (wink wink). Matter of fact, I was just enjoying watching him wash our whites by hand shirtless and the other day he was mopping the floor shirtless as well! Now that is romantic! What more could a girl ask for?

Although well after Valentine’s Day, love to all who read this!

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~ by My Gnome Little World on February 26, 2009.


  1. Man, it sounds like a really cool party for Valentines Day there.

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