One day Jim was at the orphanage with me gathering information to get some purified drinking water running throughout the facility and maybe even some hot water. The kids drink the water all the time and although many people here do so, many do not as well. I think some of the kids are having stomach problems from the water. Jim is there to help out. First they will actually need sinks in the bathrooms, right now they just have toilets and showers. And the shower is just a pipe coming out of the wall. All this stuff is not uncommon for Honduras at all, but why not make it better for the little guys?

But this is not the part Jim has fallen in love with, although I think he does enjoy these kinds of volunteer tasks. Jim may not come right and say “I love you and you and you,” yet I know he is starting to have very fond feelings for the boys. And there is one specific little guy Jim is enchanted by, one of the smallest, and the youngest of four brothers that live in the orphanage. Selin, in the most part he is a very happy little guy, but with his 3 older brothers he has to live away from his parents. This is all because their family is too poor to feed them all, mind you I was told that the mother just may be pregnant again, so it is all a bit frustrating. And if it is frustrating to us, can you imagine how it feels to have to live away from your parents? And what about the oldest brother of the four at Casa Del Nino, he has to be the parent to his younger brothers, that is a lot on the shoulders of, what, a 14 year old!


Selin – March09

Anyway, Selin, let me get back to little Selin! I think Selin looks a little Middle Eastern, but he is just a little guy with a lot of umpfh! He is not afraid of the bigger kids and I often see him playing soccer with them, and without fear! The other kids like him and my Jim, is falling in love with him. I can see it when Jim looks at the photos of Selin. Yesterday, Jim said about a photo of Selin, “He is so cute!” Jim said that! Hee hee, JUST like a tweener girl talking a boy at school with her BFFs! And I just asked him what about Selin he likes, and I saw a warm sincere smile forming on Jim’s face as he thought about the question. Again, he said, probably not being able to find the right words to describe his feelings like most men, “He is so cute and he acts so cute!” It warms my heart to see Jim all giddy, because I know how he feels. I have fallen in love with them all!

I think about all the things we can give these kids if they were ours, okay, not all of them. Then I have to remember, we came to a country where adopting kids to take back to the states is basically out of the question. Unfortunately, that is one thing the government has done here for kids. I say this because there has been many past problems here (and in other Central American Countries) with the sex trafficking of children. It is sad for good people that want to adopt, but the bad always make it harder for the good. I am not saying we want to adopt or are going to, but it sure makes sense when every day you work with kids that do not have a proper family. Although I would never want to take a child far away from a family that they still have, whether his parents have abused him or just are too poor to care for him properly. Unfortunately, there are plenty of children here that no longer have family at all here in Honduras.

Anyway, I just wanted to share our love and especially, Jim’s, because this is a man, mind you, that seems fine with the idea of not having kids. Then again he does have an Aunt who had a child when she was 60 (oh yes she did), maybe that is what we will do too! I doubt it, his Aunt has more energy at 66 than we have in our 40’s!

Go ahead, fall in love with the boys too! They need all the love they can get whether nearby or far away!

~ by My Gnome Little World on April 1, 2009.

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  1. Awwww, this was so sweet!

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