Our bus ride from La Ceiba to Tegus was way more luxury then we are used to…a drink, a snack, air con and a movie! Woo Hooo! We stayed at a nice little place in what turned out to be a cool hood with a sushi restaurant. Yes, I said sushi! There was also some nice hotels, a hip looking disco, and some other bars where Jim could actually get a decent Martini. I tried for a Mojito, but mint is hard to come by in Honduras. Note to self…start a mint finca in Honduras!

We got picked up for dinner from some volunteer friends of Jim. They are working with Engineers without Borders and the Global Community Development program. We were taken to Tito´s pizza, the best pizza in Honduras from what we heard. It was the best we tasted so far, but we have only had pizza at Pizza Hut, so what do we know.

The next day we hit the centro and saw a bunch of churches, walked down a pedestrian walk and had a nice lunch in the fun Don Pepe´s! Between the hood we stayed in and the area we were in around the Parque Central…we like Tegus, unlike so many others.  Maybe it because we had sushi for dinner, but I have to say I still feel so guilty about spending the money.  It was not cheap, even more than back home!  At least it was good! 

Tegus – Trip to Nicaragua – Costa Rica May 09

We left the next morning for Managua and have never had such an easy border crossing. We may just keep on spoiling ourselves with these nice air con buses that come with border service too! Not too far over the border we got to see a huge smoking volcano!

Once settled in at a hotel in Managua, we needed an ATM. The nearest one was at the Mall. So our first experience in Nicaragua was a westernized mall…but just like in the states…people hit the mall on Sundays here too! We stayed low for the evening at our hotel, but did have dinner down the street on the sidewalk basically in front a family’s home. Ended up helping a third grader with her English homework. We also got a couple of the national beers to try out…so far Tona beats out Victoria!

Today we had a plan to check out some sights on our own, but got talked into a Taxi tour of it all for an hour. We actually saw more than we planned on seeing and Oscar was quite informative! They sure do love Sandino here! During his time he was labeled as a bandit by the U.S, what’s not to love? Sometimes the U.S. should just leave it’s nose out of other people’s business. But it didn’t and Nicaragua had a Revolution on its hands. After seeing the somewhat depressing old downtown of Managua that was destroyed at the Dec. 23rd, 1972 Earthquake, we were gonna go to the market place to check out the prices of gifties, but the taxi to get there was too much.

Managua – Trip to Nic – CR May 2009

Tomorrow we are off to Granada, supposed to be quite quaint!

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