We were on our way to Montezuma, Costa Rica when I last wrote so let me refresh your memory.  In Montezuma, I learned Jim had a dislike for modern day hippies.  Seeing that he was born in Berkeley in the late 60’s this surprised me.  Maybe it was the little bout of Montezuma’s revenge he was dealing with, he was just not digging on the dreadlocked, ipod adorned, high maintenance, daddy’s card carrying, patchouli smelling scene.  But we did like the animal life!

We spent 3 nights in Montezuma.  After one scary bitten by numerous bugs night we moved from a dirty place on the beach to a cool little cheaper yet spotless place off the beach with a balcony that overlooked an iguana hangout large tree, we were very happy.

Montezama Costa Rica – June 09

The little town of Montezuma was fine, the beach okay, but the beach just a short hop, skip and jump away was even better.  One evening we stumbled into a Full Moon party just starting on said beach.  Our favorite day there was our Quad rental day which we drove up the coast to see other beaches and on the way we ran into a migrating group of Howler monkeys in the trees above us.  It was so cool to see them flying / climbing tree to tree and even with babies in tow.  We watched and video-taped them while one big guy in the back of the group kept an eye on us.

Quad Ride – Montezuma, CR – June 09

We were not into the over-priced Gringo-ized scene in Costa Rica, and since we had spent our required 72 hours there (for a visa renewal) we decided to leave the very green country. Although it was not the place for us, I have to say it was all so beautiful, very lush and the animal life thriving!  I would say the healthiest and happiest cows live in Costa Rica (sorry California) as they were feeding in fields of grass up to their nicely plump bellies!  The cross bred Brahmans in Central are usually a boney lot (and also adorable with they big long ears and big brown eyes), but not so much in Costa Rica.  Between the cows, the iguanas having the run of the town in Montezuma, the cute little red haired coconut eating squirrels, the Howler monkeys and the insects in the first hotel room we had, I would say Costa Rica is good to its wildlife!

We had good bus kharma for our long trip back to Nicaragua, another 12 hour experience.  And it went like this; bus, boat, walking, bus, bus, border crossing, walking, bus, and bus!   We just jumped from bus to bus, the only one we waited for was at the border.  The driver of one bus even stopped another bus so we could get on it to get to our final destination, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua!   Oh, we did not only have good bus kharma, but we had great entertainment too, an old blind guy played his accordion and sang on our way to the border.  Everyone gave him some change and later it was fun watching a money changer try to give him the new plastic 10 and 20 Nicaraguan Cordoba bills in exchange for the Costa Rican Colon coins he received.  Yes, they have plastic money in Nicaragua, it now comes in 10, 20 and 200 Cordoba bills.   The accordion playing guy would not have any of it and called this plastic money, “Shit!”  We, along with the other people waiting in the immigration line who had enjoyed his music earlier, all laughed!

Road Trip CR to Nic – June 09


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