I have to take a break in my writing of our trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to put my two cents in about what is going on in Honduras. Before I go on these are my opinions, maybe some my husband, Jim, agrees with maybe some he does not. Also, I am not in any way or form highly knowledged in politics, not in my own country and especially not in my current home country.

Okay, so there was a coup. What is the big deal? All the Hondurans I know did not have a problem with it. Although I know many here may be angry, let them deal with it, not the world. It is funny the people (or should I say countries) that are against it are saying, the Congress and military did it illegally. First, is there a Manners Coup Book? And second, where is it in the news around the world that “Mel” was having an election, excuse me, an “opinion poll” illegally. He was asked to stop it and his response was to fire the head of the military. Two wrongs do not make a right, but in a country where mayhem is the norm (and that was NOT the first time I said that), two wrongs seems like nothing when all is said and done.

If left alone by the other countries, I am sure things would get hairy here, but in a short time the Catrachos would go on as normal. They have had a lot of civil unrest in the past, they know what to do. Civil wars, earthquakes, floods, and extreme poverty have not stopped them, why should stupid politics? But no…the U.S. has shaken its finger at Honduras, the E.U. has as well and now Chavez is stamping its foot at the new president. And the new president is stamping back. Honduras’ military already has its back up, the U.S. has a base here, and Chavez is threatening to fight…this thing is getting blown out of proportion.

What may come of it all…maybe a war, maybe Zelaya back in power, maybe some protesting, and maybe nothing at all? A lot of hot air people, blowing out their hot air make for a very steamy situation, but maybe not a lot of action. I hope not a lot of action. I am totally and whole heartedly against war. War is brought on by power mongers who just can’t along. Okay, it may be more than that, especially in other parts of the world, but there is always a struggle of power at the base of all wars. What power does Honduras have to fight over? They do not even have enough power to light the whole country for crying out loud. Let’s work on that problem before we fight over which Hondo Honcho (thanks Justin) is president.

Why is Honduras all so important now? Madonna or Angelina are not adopting kids here, the earthquake is old news, although Mel leans towards socialism there is not any communism in power, and the bananas are still being shipped out for the world to enjoy. So people of the world or I should say, stomping feet and shaking finger leaders around the world, “Tranquilo, por favor!” Let Honduras figure things out for themselves. It seems many of you all [countries / leaders around the world] have made a lot of mistakes and maybe you have learned and maybe you have not, but this is not your fight. Okay, if the need be maybe some help from the Organization of American States (OAS)
for a non-violent resolution. Central Americans can be rather passionate people; I have seen how they get over soccer. The OAS is not a country or a power hungry leader of a country, it is an organization made up of 35 different countries with the purpose of regional solidarity and cooperation.

With this all said, if shit does hit the fan, WE WILL GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE…or if the need be…COME GET US! I am all for power of the people, but besides being somewhat of a pacifist I do not want to be caught in the middle of this conflict. I am a hot blooded Italian who likes a good argument, but I ain’t stupid!

~ by My Gnome Little World on June 30, 2009.

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