After a weekend mostly inside, due to lack of plans and a threat of violence, I have come to admit…I heart Facebook. When I first moved to Sacramento, 1.5 hours away from my beloved San Francisco and friends, I rediscovered the TV. I soon considered the TV my new friend. Now I am far away from friends, family and even TV, so I have a new friend. Oh, Facebook, how I love thee!


I know I am a dork, but when you live so far away from family and friends it keeps you connected in a disconnected way. I also love it as a forum to keep track of the new people we have met and to continually hear about their travels. Not to even mention all the people from my past that have come back into my life (okay, and even some from high school I do not even remember, but what the hell). A philosophy I have had throughout my life is “more the merrier.” So why not have that friend of a friend you barely knew in middle school become a new friend on Facebook? I am all for it.

I am not all for Facebook “owning” everything, anything for that matter. But I am not a paranoid person, so I just do not think about it. Unless, they lay some claim to my blog because I have a link to it on Facebook. If so I will just have to get some of my Italian family members (said as I bend my nose with a finger) break a couple of knee caps. I usually use that statement to make my friends laugh and feel better about an asshole ex-boyfriend, but I will get medieval on their asses if they break me up from my blog!

Okay, maybe I more than just “love” Facebook; maybe I am addicted to it. How many hours a day is considered addicted? Please help me…and please help me help my husband.


As many of you know, he is addicted to one particular game in Facebook and he will easily while away hours on it. I do not see the attraction as I play said game too (for tops 15 minutes at a time maybe 2 times a day), but Jim and I are different that way. I can get bored easily, he has to learn everything, master it and then just maybe will he move on. I do not think one can “master” this game as the game makers just keep on adding on new levels and stuff. But then again, it gives me a break from the articles he reads out loud about the Coup here in Honduras.

Is there an online F.A. group? If there is…you in the group will understand the abbreviations. Please contact me with information on how to Facebook less and interact with live humans more. My sanity thanks you.

~ by My Gnome Little World on July 6, 2009.

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