…War? ? More protests? People calming down like the new president wants? The ex-president being re-instated? The new president hanging tough until the presidential vote in November? Or worse yet, are we on the brink of camouflage coming back into fashion? Say it isn’t so!


What already? I know it has only been slightly more than a week, but the longer this goes on the more the media and people make a frenzy out of it.

I was reading the blog Born in Honduras and after viewing an interesting video on the coup; I took a glance at his blogroll and had to laugh. He has links to five Expat blogs, one being mine, HenderBalz. Under the title of each blog was their most recent posting. Every other one of the blogs had written a serious piece about the coup, except for me of course. The title of my most recent blog was “Facebook is My Friend.”

Maybe I am living in a fantasy land of “I see no evil, therefore there is no evil!” But maybe, like so many Hondurans living here in La Ceiba, I am just going about my daily living. What else am I to do? Bite my really long pretty fingernails to the quick? Wear a path into the tile of our living room floor? Kick the dog? (Okay, we do not have a dog, but a really cute baby gecko is living with us and I already feel bad enough about being the cause of his taillessness…I will not kick him too.) Or how about this, blogging about it every day until I want to hang myself from those pretty long fingernails.


I am not saying this isn’t an important subject or others should stop blogging about it, I am just saying, I am so easily distracted by shiny…uh…what was I saying? Oh, yes blogging and the coup d’etat. Of course, I want to stay informed and have information to read daily on the very slow moving progress of this Honduran situation, but I do not want to live my life around it or for it right now. I did not come to Honduras for the politics.

I am not even sure where I stand on it all now. At first it was simple, the President did something illegal, remove him from office. I understand that, and I am sure the whole “4th Box” thing was not the first thing Ole’ Mel did that was illegal, although taking him from his home in his cute little jammies and flying him to another country was a bit much. As time goes on I am starting to think more and more about it. Was his removal all planned because of the social ideas he has for the poor? Did the congress also do something illegal? And more importantly, what did his jammies really look like?


That thinking did not get me anywhere, except to the medicine cabinet for some aspirin. The fact is, I do not care which Hondo Honcho gets to play king for the next 6 months. There I said it! I do care that there is no war. I very much care about that. I came here to do something and I want to finish it. I am here for 32, no 33 (we just got a new one today) boys who live in an orphanage. I am not here to vote, to fight for politics I do not know much about and most of all; I am not here to pull on a beret and army boots to march through the jungle mush as it would completely ruin my $5.00 pedicure. If Honduras goes to war, besides the horrid death and destruction, we will have to leave and I will not be able to continue my work with the boys.

The Boys

I am sorry if this view bothers the sensibilities of others, but if I lived through 8 years of Bush, Hondurans can live with Zelaya or Micheletti for 6 more months for crying out loud, especially if it leads to a peaceful solution.


This hopefully is my last serious piece on the coup in Honduras. Peace to all, especially to the people of the place I call
“Home for Now.”

~ by My Gnome Little World on July 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “ON THE BRINK OF…

  1. enjoyed reading your blog. i am leaving on aug. 20th for a year in honduras. just heard about about a medical strike. shoudl i be concerned about going? i would appreciate your opinion.

    • You should have concern by just coming to a developing country for a year…but with my experience…all the strikes, protests and coups really do not interrupt daily life for most people in the country. If you are flying into Honduras at night….get a cab and go straight to your hotel, better yet fly in during the day. Right now I think it is best to still take buses during the day only. There are a lot of dangers living here without strikes and coups…but I think it may be a bit more safe during these times. Always keep your eye out. So, what are you doing here for a year and where will you be living? Look me up if you come by La Ceiba!

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