Enjoy our statistics as much as I enjoy seeing my blog statistics go up and up and up!

Total number of days in Central America: 306 so far

Total number of days left in Central America: 130 to go

Number of days in Belize: 12

Number of days in Guatemala: 6

Number of days in Panama: 15

Number of days in Costa Rica: 5

Number of days in Nicaragua: 16

Number of days in Honduras: 268

Countries visited: 6

Totally number of Local Friends made:
8 that we see regularly, but many, many more…too many to keep track of right now! Below are our closet friends, Audrey and Jerome!

From Superbowl2009-Honduras
From Superbowl2009-Honduras

Salva Vida beers consumed: Lost count

From 2009 – Feb. Honduras vs Costa Rica futbol
From Heather & Sora's Visit -1

Cigarettes / Cigars smoked: Dawn – uh, around, 22 cigs / Jim – 6 cigars

I know it is bad, but I do it sometimes. This time below was with my Honduran Doctor.


Times Dawn danced on top of something: 1, a table in front of a strip club for a photo op.

Times Dawn has tripped and scrapped knees: 2, both knees both times.

Times Jim played Pirates game on Facebook: Countless

Times Jim read articles about the coup: Too many

Friends and family visits: 4 so far, two more very soon.

Geckos living in apartment: Approximately 3


Longest one day travel journey:
12 hours (Isle de Ometepe, Nicaragua to Puntarenas, Costa Rica: bus, boat, taxi, walk through the no-mans-land border crossing, bus, another bus and walk to hotel). To top it off, Jim had stomach problems on this trip!

Worst journey: It is a tie between…
Horrid 4 hour boat ride from Puerto Cortez, Honduras to Dangriga belize, AND
the boat ride from Cayos Cochinos to mainland Honduras in a small boat in a big storm with a captain having a panic attack.

Cheapest hotel:
$12, a room we got at the Hotel El Centro, Puerto Cortez, Honduras. This does not include the free and cheap rooms Jim has had when he has travelled for volunteer activities.

Most expensive hotel:
85.00 total a night, our half was 42.50. Arco Iris Pasado, Isla de Roatan, Honduras. But lots of cold air con air, comfy bed and good kitchen!

Best hotel:
Via Via in Leon, Nicaragua. For $20 we had a comfy king size bed with GREAT sheets, double wide wood doors that open up completely to a lush green garden courtyard and with a lava rock shower bathroom that was like showering under a waterfall. It also had a TV. It did not have aircon, but we did not need it.

Worst hotel:
On the beach in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Can’t remember the name, but it was dirty, uncomfortable bed with rips and stains, bad plumbing in the bathroom and it had bugs galore…and it wasn’t cheap.

Best snack to have on a chicken bus ride:
Thin fried plantain chips and a cold cold bag of soda (Dawn). Fried corn cakes and an ice cold beer (Jim).

Best new fruit we have tasted:
Maracuya. However, having a perfectly ripe fresh cut pineapple is hard to beat, but fortunately fresh super sweet none acidy pineapple is not new to us.


Best Restaurant:
Seafood Market, Panama City, Panama. It is literally a seafood market with a restaurant to eat above it. The food is great and the view is hard to beat.

Favorite Foods:
Licuados, fresh fruit and seafood.

Best Hike:
Just outside Boquete, Panama – Although we got a bit off track and did a lot of “hiking” up a paved road to a trail head, when we did get on the right trail it was very lovely and we saw a Quetzal! Check out the video in our blog.

Worst Hike:
After the above hike was over, we did not have a ride back to town so we started walking down the mountain road, probably a 2-3 hour walk. And Jim had to go to the bathroom really really bad, and not the kind that is easy in the outdoors. Fortunately after around 45 minutes we got picked up by some nice people doing volunteer work!

Best National Park:
Pico Bonito, Honduras – because it is close and we get to go there often.

Most Scary Experience:
Boat ride back from Cayos Cochinos, Honduras. Big storm, 7 foot waves, small boat, Jim and our friend Jerome getting thrown out of the boat and the captain laying on the bottom of the boat below Jim and I holding my hand in fear!

Highest Altitude:
Does living on the second floor count? Have not kept track, probably one of the mountain passes in Nicaragua.

Lowest Depth:
60+ feet below sea level – scuba diving off of Roatan, Honduras

From Utila, Honduras

Best Beach:
West Bay Beach, Isla de Roatan, Honduras.

Worst Beach:
La Ceiba, water is polluted, no swimming.

Best Island:
Isla Pelikanos, San Blas Archipelago, Panama – you can walk around it in 4 minutes. It has a nice sandy beach great for swimming on one side and reef great for snorkeling on the other.

From Panama – San Blas Islands – March 2009

Worst Island:
There are no bad islands.

Most useful item we brought with us:
Both computers! Sad as it sounds that we both have a computer, but with this blog and Jim’s engineering volunteer work and his love for playing pirates…2 were needed!

Least useful item we brought with us:
Dawn’s palm pilot.

Clothes that we will be sad to say goodbye to because they are very worn out:
Brown skirt (Dawn). Beloved orange shirt (Jim).

Things we miss the most:
– Family and friends
– Sushi
– Good Bread
– In general dining options

Things we do not miss at all:
– Work
– Traffic
– Cost of Living
– Old fruit that was harvested from where we are currently living

Things we will miss the most when we leave:
– The boys at the orphanage
– Our friends, Audrey and Jerome
– Trying to communicate in Spanish
– Our laid back life style
– And I am sure, when we are trying to keep warm in NY in January, the weather.

Thanks for reading our Travel Statistics, hope you are as nerdy as we are and keep track of such things!

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