Aka…our regular life here in Honduras.

First, there was our last visit to Roatan. We could not say good-bye, it was too hard. We did not even do much there, just worked out a visa extension and then a lot of hanging out taking it all in.

Woops…just found out we may be going back at the beginning of November to see a visiting friend…woo hoo!

So Long Roatan!

Our Last Trip to Roatan, Probably

We went back to the mainland to the start of the Week of Children’s Day, Independence Day and the Anniversary of Casa del Nino (13 years). And boy they were celebrating at Casa del Nino for sure. Although Jim and I participated we got a break from leading activities for the week. The staff actually planned and participated in everything! I really think the boys loved the extra attention!

One day there was a soccer tournament with not only the boys at Casa del Nino, but their friends from school and the neighborhood kids as well. They even had uniforms to wear for the day, and believe it or not, they actually played with sneakers on! On another day, volunteers from a local department store brought activities and lots of sugar with them for the boys. They did a round of musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and another similar game which I guess is called, pin the nose on the clown! Then a dance contest, followed by piñatas and lastly, goody bags, cake and soda! It was great fun. We were a bit uncomfortable with the sexy dancing of some of the young girl volunteers, but I think the boys liked it!

Local Volunteers!

Casa del Nino – Mendels Volunteer Day

On Children’s Day we had a dance with a DJ and music videos and spaghetti eating (with no hands) contests! It was very festive and I even dressed up for Dance with my hair down and make up and all! The boys did not recognize me!

Spaghetti Dance Day!

Children's Day at Casa Del Nino!

The next day was field trip day to Water Jungle, water park around 40 minutes from La Ceiba! It was awesome! I was in the water with the boys as soon as we walked into the place until we had to leave at 3pm. I was not only water logged, but sunburned as well. Yes, I put on sun block, but how long does it stay on when you are constantly in the water? I had just as much fun as all the kids did!

Water Jungle!

Casa del Nino at Water Jungle!

The morning of Independence Day I went downtown and ran into the festivities. I saw the last band in the parade, honor guards at the statue of Morazán in Parque Central, hot dogs stands, ice cream salesmen and one guy getting arrested!

Dia de la Independencia!

Independence Day Downtown La Ceiba

But the big celebration was at Casa del Nino. The Queen of the National Carnival (or Miss Carnival) went to visit the boys. This sweet young woman was wearing a short skin tight white dress with silver stilettos and huge tiara (sorry no photo of her). I think she intimidated the boys because they were so quiet! She brought along with her, besides the media, piñatas and soda. The boys also got goody bags of candy that day as well.

The boys were hyped up continuously on sugar for a week! They were a bit of a handful to deal with when they were coming down off their high, but hey do not eat candy usually, so it was okay.

The week ended with a special activity to give the boys surprises for their accomplishments, and to pick the KING of CASA DEL NINO. Marcos won by a land slide! Woo Hooo!

Presenting King Marcos!

From My Favorite Photos of My Boys

Taking a Royal Nap!

From My Favorite Photos of My Boys

On His Royal Rock Throne!

From Semana Santa River Day with the Boys – Easter 2009

With His Royal Hair Stylist!

From Beading day at Casa Del Nino – April 2009

Hiding Before Being Crowned!

From 2009_09_23

Me? Really?

From 2009_09_23


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  1. Great photos from Roatan! xo, Dawn

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