The hair on his face that is!

When I first met Jim he had a full beard, mustache, the whole nine yards…not attractive. Next time you see him ask him to show you his driver’s license if you have not see him at this hairy stage of his life.

But the night we really hit is off he had cut it down and you could actually see his cute dimples. Looking at the facial hair chart below, it was the Short Boxed Beard, very short. When we started dating more I told him I do not really like beards much, so one day he showed up at my door beard-free with just a soul patch. Looooved it!

From Jim's Honduran Facial Hair

And his facial hair had been that way ever since. Well….until the last couple of months in Honduras!

First he started to grow back to the Short Boxed Beard:

From Jim's Honduran Facial Hair

He succeeded in the full, but short Short Boxed Beard:

From Jim's Honduran Facial Hair

Then he just went crazy! Here is Jim’s Friendly Muttonchops!

From Jim's Honduran Facial Hair

Since it is hot in Honduras, he wanted to shave even more off of his face and he ended up with the Fu Manchu!

From Jim's Honduran Facial Hair

And he could not stop there! Here is his Zappa!

From Jim's Honduran Facial Hair

Once bored of the Zappa, he saved his ‘stache down to the Chevron and left his soul patch. I couldn’t find name for this combo, so from this day forward we shall call it the Jim’s Hondo!

From Jim's Honduran Facial Hair

Please reference this Beard Chart for any facial hair styles you have not heard of before.

What will Jim do next? The Copstache Standard? The Pencil? Or will he just got back to the solo soul patch? Stay tuned for I will update this post with what Jim and his facial hair is up as it changes!

And now since we are on weird body things, I have told you about my fingernails? They grow like the dickens here. So fast and so strong! I have never had to cut all my fingernails just because they were just too long as they normally crack, piel or break fast. But take a look for yourself at my prized long nails! Not as exciting and fun as Jim’s facial hair changes, but something that has happened in Honduras for me.

From My Long-Ass Fingernails
From My Long-Ass Fingernails


~ by My Gnome Little World on October 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “JIM’S HONDO HAIR!

  1. I think it is definitely time to come back home to the states.
    When facial hair and finger nail length are what you blog about – IT’S TIME TO GO. 🙂

  2. you blog what you live, right? the thing I’m personally finding with hair these days is it’s raging where I don’t necessarily want it and floundering where I really need it. “if I’d known I was going to live this long I’d have taken better care of myself.” – Eubie Blake

    • Yep…it is mostly about our adventures, discoveries and experiences…sometimes it is more personal or we use to help others or a cause we support – and sometimes it is just about facial hair or staph infections! ;o)

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