Honduras Style…

Meaning the crime I an going to tell you about right now was probably not reported to the police, much less the local news stations. Matter of fact, it might have been the police involved in what looked like a crime to us. Since we are crack (not on crack – quick on the move) reporters and photojournalists, you and only you are getting the exclusive story on today’s Mid-Day Showdown in Barrio Potreritos!

From 2009_10_19

Picture this, I am happily sorting through recyclables, preparing for a Recycle-bots craft project, and Jim is diligently applying for a job online. Then all of a sudden, piercing explosions came through the somewhat silence “Blam blam blamblamblam blam blam blam!” I jump up and look out the window to see two women running towards our apartment and say, “Jim I think those were gunshots!” You see, the locals favor a type of firework that sounds very similar to a gunshot, sometimes we are not sure which is which. This time it was easy to figure out as I saw two men a block away with guns pointing at a SUV. Jim is next to me by now. We are looking through our dirty glass louver windows and screen to see what is going on and as soon I see a body on the ground I start to freak out. In my panic state, I decide to call our neighbor while Jim yells for me to get the camera. I grab the phone and Jim grabs the camera. I am telling my neighbor, in that shaky scared 911 voice, what we are seeing as it is happening while Jim is photographing it.

Gunman #1

From Shooting Oct-19

We are not sure exactly what happened, but at least two guys starting shooting their guns. We are not sure if they shot at the car, into the air, or at people, all I saw was two guys with masks over their faces with guns. One was holding his gun at a guy on the ground who I thought was dead, but now I think after looking at the photos he was not.

Man Laying on the Ground, Gunman #1, and on the Left Gunman #2

From Shooting Oct-19
From Shooting Oct-19

They did not seem to be in a hurry, which was odd, but nothing gets done quick here in Honduras. I did see them open the back of the SUV and then one of the masked guys got into the driver’s seat and took off, but I do not know what happened to the guy on the ground. We are not sure if he got up after the others drove away, ran as soon as he could, or got back into the car, but we are glad to report there was no bloody body left after-wards.

Gunman #2 Going towards the Driver’s Seat

From Shooting Oct-19

I am thinking it might have been a kidnapping, carjacking, or maybe some undercover (masked) cops getting some work done, or who knows it could have even been mercenaries hired by the de facto government to get rid of another Revolutionista. We will probably never know, as I can see from around our hood, we should probably not be going around asking questions. I need to let it go, as life always goes on in the Wild West, er, I mean, Honduras!

~ by My Gnome Little World on October 20, 2009.


  1. That is really wild!

  2. Scary! I witnessed a drive-by once it was terrifying … Luckily I didt see anyone get shot, but I was in my car & took off in the opposite direction as fast ad I could, will never know exactly what happened

  3. OMG! Scary. So glad you are both okay. xo, Dawn

  4. wow, that looked really dangerous. Be careful…..There’s no
    Place like Home!!!

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