From Jim's Facial Hair – 2

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This day of Jim’s was quite celebratory and we would like to share, especially since last year, his big 40th was not the best day ever!

Jim’s day started with not getting started! He slept in while I went to do shopping not only for dinner that night, but for the week as well.  You see, Jim usually does all the shopping…so one of my small gifts to him was to shop! I was a bit concerned as I could not find the cake he wanted in 3 different places! Figured I would have to get one later.

Then when I returned from shopping I made him Egyptian Eyes for breakfast while I started to bake 9 dozen cookies. The cookies were for a little birthday party at Casa del Nino for Jim and okay, the boys as well!

We got to the Casa to find out they baked a cake for Jim too! And it was THE cake he wanted and a giant one at that…one to feed 40 people (us, the boys and the staff).  Before we had cake, cookies and soda we played a birthday game of pop the balloon! Jim and the boys had a blast!!!!!

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From Jim's B-day 2009

Then hot, hungry and thirsty we went inside for the goodies. Gustavo (El Director) said a few nice words to Jim before everyone sang Felize Cumpleanos to Jim.   He then blew out his one candle and then there were sweets for everyone!

From Jim's B-day 2009

I took lots of photos of the boys giving Jim their homemade birthday cards, and after then we had more balloon play!!!!

From Jim's B-day 2009

At home Jim relaxed mostly while Dawn prepared a dinner for four. We invited Jerome and Audrey over for dinner to help Jim celebrate his 41st year alive! Jim wanted ceviche, so instead of using another kind of fish, I wanted the best fist for ceviche this time, Red Snapper. I bought a whole one fresh off a cart in the market that morning, already gutted, but it was not filleted.   Like I know how to filet a fish!!! So, I did have to ask Jim to do one thing for the meal…filet the fish. Um, I do not think Jim knows how to filet as well. But seeing we only needed chunks, bits and pieces…it worked out fine!!!!

With Ceviche ready and chillin’ in the fridge our guests arrived ready for a birthday cocktail.  So, appetizers and cocktails were served while I finished preparing the main course.  My famous and first ever attempted in Honduras Roasted Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots and Onion dish. Not anything fancy, but easy! Jim is the fancy schmancy meal chef in this family!

From Jim's B-day 2009

A good time was had by all and for dessert we had left over cookies and grapefruit candies!

From Jim's B-day 2009

But wait…Jim’s birthday celebrating was not done yet. Three days later he left for Roatan on his own to meet up with his old high school friend Chris. Who knows what they got into there, but I know a lot of talking and drinking was done!

Jim' Birthday Roatan Trip-1

And then 2 days after the boys were on their own living it up in Roatan, I showed up as well as another old school chum of Jim’s, Robert, and his girlfriend Elia.

Jim's Birthday Roatan Trip – 2

Although the weather was not the best…we all had a good time helping Jim welcome in his 41st year!


From Jim's B-day 2009


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2 Responses to “JIM’S BIRTHDAY BLOG

  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, SON!!! I’m not sure what happened to previous blog note, but I hit the wrong button. Sounds like you had a great 41st birthday (wish dad and I could have been with you), celebrating with Chris, Robert, Dawn, etc… We miss you and wish you safe travels.
    Mom and dad

  2. Feliz Cumpleanos! Mele Kalikimaka and all that jazz…
    Looks like you had a great day. Truly a once in a lifetime b-day.
    See you soon –
    The Glasiers

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