We have been back in the states for less than a week and we are staying with my parents in Daytona Beach, FL. Here are some of the things that are freaking us out a bit about being back in the good ole U. S. of A.:

-Driving on the roads.
Going from Orlando to Daytona Beach at night and seeing the perfect highway roads, with brand new looking painted lines, reflectors and lots of street lights. I thought the car was going to sprout wings and take off because the highway looked like an airport runway!

-Drinking from the tap. I know a lot of Americans are freaked out about the quality of water that does come from the water taps, but we could not drink from them at all and feel like I am doing something wrong by doing so here.

-Commercials. We have not watched TV for most of the year, but they seem a bit more negative now.

-Grocery Shopping. Not the big stores so much, but the prices.

-Polite Driving. It is weird to see cars purposefully stopping for other cars and people!

-Bathrooms. Not only toilet paper is plentiful in public bathrooms here, but paper towels are as well. And it is nice to not have to throw your used toilet paper into the trash can next to the toilet.

-Realization that we won’t be seeing “Our Boys” in a day or week or two. I know I am attached to the boys, but Jim is realizing he is really attached too. I have already had one “miss the boys meltdown” since we have been back.

-Needing to wash my hair more. Okay it is not freaking us out, but since I wore my hair back in a pony tail every day, there was no need to wash it all the time. Now that sounds gross! I have very dry hair, so the natural oils were good for it. BUT now that I am wearing it down again, it does not look so good when it isn’t sparkly clean!

-Chain Restaurants. Here in Daytona we barely see anything else!

-$9.00 Glass of Wine. Okay, we are oh so happy to be able to get good wine, but one glass of wine in Florida more than what we would pay for both our meals out for a simple dinner is a bit crazy. For you Sacto people, Jim had a glass of Petit Sirah Bogle last night!

-Weather. We were hoping it would be a bit more mild in Florida, but the 55 degrees (I know you Northerners are laughing at that) last night froze our butts off at an outdoor block (We survived Hurricane Season/Christmas) party on my parents street and the decorated boat parade.

-Dangerous animals. After being faced with wild animals, insects and spiders in Central America, I end up getting bit on the lip by my parent’s little Jack Russel, ahem, named Angel!

-Stomach Issues. After not really having many issues with food in Central American for 14 months, I am having more problems than ever right now. Nothing big, but a bit of grumbly in the tumbly.

-Wide Roads, Huge Intersections and Traffic Lights. It is like America (or at least Daytona Beach, FL) has nothing else to do with their money, but making their roads perfect and wide…and putting up hundreds and hundreds of reasons to stop you all the time while on those perfect roads (traffic lights). There are more lights in a 3 block stretch of road here, than in all of La Ceiba, Honduras!

-Being able to find cool clothing for a decent price. I know it is supposed to be cheap in Honduras, but some things are not cheap…or if they are cheap they are made cheaply of polyester. Places like Old Navy and H&M are good culture shock experiences (can’t wait for H&M).

I am sure there will be more things that catch us as odd, but we are making do and surviving the crazy life in the States.

~ by My Gnome Little World on December 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “CULTURE SHOCK

  1. Interesting. I like to learn about reverse culture shock. In Honduras (that’s where you were?) people use hair oil? In India where I lived a few years, they did too, and we did not ‘wash’ our hair everyday- as the oils were used, then we soaked oils out with herbal powders. (Not everyone did this…)


  3. how long will you be in florida? i was just in daytona for concert on saturday…and o-town is still only about 45 minutes away, so we should get some din-din if you guys have time!!!

  4. Hi Dawn & Jim – Welcome back to the real world – or is it the other way around for you? I hope your tunny will be better soon, and yes I can imagine you will have alot of culture shock items in the coming days. I know from beign in Guatemala – that the biggest is probably the kids. You have done good in the time you were there,a dn I bet you taught each other alot. They will always be on your mind and in your heart. Bless you all as you reenter the life in the US. Welcome back. Was so great to read all your entrys. Are you going ot write a book someday? You should!
    Your long lost Guatemala friend – marsha 🙂 ((( HUGS)))

  5. Welcome back! So glad you are home and safe. Have to agree with you about American roads. I know we have a lot of cars here, but sheesh! Our roads are the widest I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Maybe if we Americans would walk more, or at least improve our public transit systems, we could enjoy smaller roads and less traffic.

    See you soon, I hope! XO, Dawn

  6. Hi guys! Funny, but I was having some Bogle last Sturday night too! Yummy… We actually had snow on our Orange trees this morning. Freeway was closed in Placerville due to deep snow! Glad you are back safe. Brad & Heidi


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