Here is some of the Last things we did before leaving Honduras…

Our last day at the beach! Playa Peru with Audrey, Jerome and Nou Nou!

Playa Peru, Nou Nou and our Friends Audrey and Jerome Too!

Our last week with the Boys! Our week was filled with making utensil people, jump roping, playing on the computer and sharing lunch time with the boys. Check out the following album to see what we did with our time during our last week in Honduras!

Our Last Week at Casa Del Nino

We also did some dancing out last week too!

Our second to last day, we had a Garbage and Recycle Program and the boys got to build Robots from Recyclable Garbage. And this is how it went:

Recycle Robot Day

On our last day at Casa del Nino, we started off with regular activities. I brought all the beads I had left over for an all-out beading day, and Jim opened up the computer room. I started to cry right away, but I held myself together. The boys went crazy making me beaded jewelry and one teen, Mario, made himself a bracelet that said “Dawn, I love you” for himself to wear. My tears did not get the best of me then, but then little Israel came up to me to whisper in my ear in English, “I love you!” I broke down. It was that kind of day. I think Jim got a bracelet or two too…and some tears as well.

After our activities were done, we hung out and waited for Pizza! Jim and I got pizza for everyone for dinner and I have never heard such silence at the Casa before. Wait, we did hear a “Mmmm” or two which was music to our ears! It was great to see the boys enjoying something that they do not get to eat very often. The surprises were not over. Erika and Gustavo got up to say some nice words and they gave us Feed the Children Casa del Nino red polo shirts as a thank you gift for our volunteer work for the past year. They boys also made cards for us and each one came up and gave us cards…which sent me into a sobbing jag. If that was not bad enough, Jim stood up to say some words to everyone which then made him cry too. But soon laughter and cheers were every where because Jim and I pulled our Bolsas de Sorpresas (Surprise Bags). We gave gift bags to each boy. Included in the bag was a photo of us with each one in a homemade frame. We do not want them to forget us!

Here is that last day:

Last Day at Casa del Nino

Our lasts are not over yet, as we had one last night out in La Ceiba, Honduras. We got to see our best Honduran friends, Audrey and Jerome one last time. We also got to enjoy our favorite hangout, Expatriots, one last time, and we got to see our 18 year old friend, Edwin, one last time too. And let me not forget seeing Dr. G. one last time as well. He was the kind man that caused us much pain when we had those staph infections.

Last Night in Honduras

Okay, now that I have shown you a lot of our “Lasts,” I want to tell you none of them will really be our lasts because we have bonded with 30 boys who will always be on our minds, within our hearts and in our lives forever. We are committed to visiting the boys at least once a year, but hope to make it more.

We are very lucky people to have had the chance to do what we have done over the last 16 months, but more so because we were able to meet Kevin, Arnaldo, Anthonio, Selin, Carlitos, Rossel, Elvis, Alexander, Samir, Manuel, Israel, Walter, Josue, Jaime, Julio, Eldon, Jan Carlos, Luis Enrique, Big Samir, Noe, Luis, Jonas, Andres, Brayan, Junior, Miguel, Mario, Joel, Angel Gabriel, Angelito, Marcos, Michael, Jonathan, Angel Rojos, Jose, Edwin and Erik.

Thank you boys for enriching our lives!

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  1. Loved the stories of your travels and your special little men1 god bless you!

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