Up North that is!

Atlanta, GA – LIKE
Columbus, SC – BORING
Fayetteville, NC – LIKE A LOT
Halifax, NC – LIKE (for Historical Factor)
Virginia Beach, VA – LOVE (The Glasiers)
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York City, NY – LOVE

Our first two nights on the journey were in Atlanta: Big burgers; Port and PBR; MLK’s birth and resting places; cool old houses; good southern cooking; and one funky arsty hood!

Atlanta, GA

Then we ended up in Columbus, SC for the night…and that is all I have to say about that!

With boring Columbus behind, the travel excitement was just getting started! I had been telling Jim about THE South of the Border ever since we started this l-o-n-g adventure August 25, 2008 and he finally got to see what my brothers, sister and I got to enjoy for years on every trip from Florida to New York and back to Florida again. Only this time it seemed even bigger! Is that possible? Yes, because there are 3 or 4 Pedros now! Is there anything better than giant gorillas, dinosaurs to ride and alligators biting your head? No. Really! We took photos to prove it! AND of course we had to stock up on some fire power; bottle rockets – giant ones, fire crackers – thousands of them, Bee Buzzers – tiny ones, Sparklers – large and neon, and let me not forget the Flying Lady Bugs – with report! Okay, maybe we got a little carried away for our Glasier New Year’s Eve Celebration supplies.

South Carolina

Back on the road again, we ended up staying in Fayetteville, NC for the night. A great medium size town with an adorable old downtown. We braved a walk up and down the street, in what we consider the bitter cold, the next morning checking things out as well as getting a coffee and a bite to eat at a funky cafe. We give Fayetteville two thumbs up!

Our last day of travels before hitting the Glasier’s pad in Virginia Beach, VA was short so we stopped off at the little Historical town of Halifax, NC. We even got a tour of a house that survived from the days of the American Revolution. Yeah right…sharing a room with my 3 brothers and sister would never have worked!

North Carolina

Virginia Beach!!!!!!!!!!

I finished high school in Virginia Beach and keep on going back, mostly because of Diana “Spinley Chops” Crowley Glasier! Besides a great New Year’s Eve celebration, we also hit a pirate exhibition, bought sweaters and winter coats, watched the Hangover on New Year’s Day, had hangover hamburgers, ate yummy Oysters Rockefeller and Clams Casino, played monopoly, cuddled doggies, and I got a hair cut.

Our New Year’s Eve consisted of a great Cuban dinner out, very loud fireworks and lots of them back at home, beer pong, yummy candy bar cake, the wearing of mustaches, funny jammies / Christmas sweaters, a champagne toast at midnight and live entertainment (Harrison can sing a mean song). Oh, I think the “boys” smoked some Central American cigars as well. Nothing like adult men sitting on the veranda just before midnight on New Year’s Eve teaching the youngin’s how to smoke a stogie.

New Year’s Celebration

And then there was New York City Baby!

~ by My Gnome Little World on January 25, 2010.

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  1. Cool shout out to VB! WHen are you coming back?

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