We made it to NYC!

Now…are we going to be able to stay?

Some of the Funny/Cool Big Apple things we have seen/experienced:
– Cool drum/percussion show in the subway
– Heavy African American Statue of Liberty handing out ads
– Snow falling from the sky
– Countless awesome murals/graffiti
– An old above the ground rail system turned into a park.
– A $13,000.00 Chair that fits 4 people.
– Super cool dressed peeps (I not only need new clothes, but I need my funk back)
– Fun hats
– Juggle/accordion show in the subway
– $4.00 Absolute and tonic drinks (Happy Hour at The Magician in the East Village)
– Italian Delis
– A teeny tiny video in a hole in the floor at PS1 (an extension of MOMA)
– Being yelled at by a New Yorker
– Over $5.00 for a dozen eggs (mind you they were at a high end health food store and were organic, hormone-free, range feed, pedicured, cuddled and happy eggs).

From 2010_02_04

February 3rd and still no jobs and no apartment. The adventure continues in the concrete jungle! We have friends, we have clothes, and we have a car…what more do we need?

Well, thanks to Patty and Nicole we actually have beds to sleep on. We are getting to know the hoods of Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Prospect Park, Carroll Gardens and Redhook really well. We already know where Home Depot, Ikea and Costco are (those are the places one usually thinks about when in NYC, right?) , but best of all we know how to find Fairway Market on our own now too!

We have also been gaining weight. The culprits are Middle Eastern, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Italian and Chinese food, not to mention New York Pizza, an abundance of cheeses, as well as impostor Sabrette hot dogs. But we have also walked a lot, through the East Village, Chelsea and the Meat Packing District in Manhattan and of course, a lot around Brooklyn.

Some of our extra-curricula activities are as follows: Jim went Time Square to see the Jimmy Fallon Show, he helped put up a weather station, he got a hair cut, and I have been to the doctors. Wait, I also had a “Play Date” with some Mommies. While the kids get toys from the trunk, the Mommy’s sip some wine and get drunk! We are so looking forward to exploring all of New York City and I am sure there will be fun stories to share.

New York City!
From 2010_01_23 – Brooklyn

Which brings me to the people of New York. First, I do not think I can ever go back to being called Don again! It is Daaaauuuun, please say it as it should be! Our experience has been that New Yorkers are nice! Okay there was that one day the Health Food Store guy was very agro, but he redeemed himself the next time we went.

We have not painted the town red yet because we are 1) enjoying just hanging out with our friends and their kids, and 2) I have been sick the entire time we have been here…4 weeks now…with the last week being the worse and not good for Jim either.

It was great staying with Patty, Rich and Cooper! I have finally been de-Wii’d! Seven year old Cooper de-Wii’d me! No matter how many times I said, “No,” Cooper did not quit asking. I caved in and now I have played on Wii, and I like it damn it! Okay, I do not like it as much as Cooper, but it was fun! Patty is a great tour guide, and as I have always known, a great drinking buddy. Yes, another reason why I have been so sick for so long. Patty, it is all your fault!

Staying With Patty – NYC

Next we crashed at Nicole, Chad, Aidan, Cammie and Maverick’s pad (the last two are of the feline variety). Aidan is one super adorable 2 year old…even though he is sick! Pobrecito! Between playing with Aidan and petting the cats, we barely had time to look for jobs! Although we did not have tons of time together, I really enjoyed having some lone girl time with Nicole here and there. And Chad had a chance to win the whole pot on our poker night!

Staying with Nicole – NY

We just moved into a funky little sublease in South Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City, New York for 6 weeks, and with lots of PMA (positive mental attitude) we will have employment and a permanent place to live by the end of that time! Then we can make plans to go visit California! We are sad that our plans to go in January have not worked out. But for now we like our “hood-for-now” and how can’t we when our corner store has 1500 different kinds of beer for sale! And we like the snowy backyard!

From 2010_02_04
From 2010_02_03


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6 Responses to “NEW YORK CITY, BABY!

  1. NYC sounds fun and the right place for you guys. Heavy in diversity, funky attire, kooky people, good food and awesome happy hour. 🙂 HERE’s hoping you find employment so you can stay and establish some roots. VB is only 5 hours away.

  2. Well Well Well – the nomads are talking about settling down or in? Very interesting. Have to find other cool/hip couple to live vicariously through. San Diego is sunny and warm – if/when you make it out – our door is always open.

  3. Glad you’re having fun in and around the Big Apple! More pics, please. Hopefully your health will improve so you can really start to enjoy your time there… however long that might be. Just one thing, though: “South Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City, New York…” WTF? Um, I hate to burst your bubble, BUT… Brooklyn is not New York City. It’s Brooklyn. Close, but no cigar, baby. 😉

  4. Hmmm… not sure why my comment was deleted? I stand corrected. Learn something new every day!

    • Did not delete it…just had not approved it yet! Hey, I learned at a Nicaragua Cigar Factory where “Close, but no cigar” came from. At Fairs/carnivals the prize would be a cigar…so if you did not win the worker would yell out “Close but no cigar!” Okay…you probably knew that already!

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