I blame it on my Mom. Widowed single woman with 5 kids and she still seemed to make each one of us feel special on our birthdays.

To this day, that is all I want on my birthday. I need to feel special on my birthday and that is my confession. There I said it. Ahh, the relief!

I am so overwhelmed by the amount of birthday greetings I read the day after my birthday on Facebook! You, my Facebook friends, ROCK! I away appreciate the text messages, cards, phone calls, voice mails and gifts even more! I do have to say my favorite was my brother’s clan all (wife and 3 kids) singing Happy Birthday to me on a voice mail.

I spent my birthday sightseeing in Manhattan with Jim, since we had not done it yet. I had a great time, yet at times I did not conquer feeling like a Big Birthday Fish in the Huge Ocean of Manhattan. It is all about choices one makes…you can make it happen or not. And next time…I will make it happen all live long birth-day!

With this all said here is a sample of my Man-Birth-Hattan-Day!
(Click on photos for full album)

Okay, it did not start in Manhattan, the night before we hit this cool spot in our temporary hood of Park Slope South, Sidecar – Cures All Pain. Sidecar has cool cocktails and gourmet comfort food to boot.

From Dawn’s B-Day ’10
From Dawn’s B-Day ’10

My birthday started out with it being a winter wonderland outside and some pancakes!

From Dawn’s B-Day ’10

Once we took some snow photos, we went straight to Time Square. Then we had some lunch off of Madison Ave at Cinema on our way to Rockefeller Center. Ha, on the way we hit Bryant Park, the mecca for fashion shows. The best park bathrooms ever!

From Dawn’s B-Day ’10

On our journey we kept on stepping into this store and that store to find me a fun winter hat! Loft did not have any, J Crew did not have any, Benetton did not have any, and even H&M did not have any (but I did get a cute light pink scarf for $5.00 there). Oh well! But low and behold when we got back to Times Square to get on the long line for cheap Broadway show tickets, I found this tiny street shop selling tons of hats! And I got two for $20.00! Yippie, no more blending in with the most popular New York City dull winter black! A hot pink knit number, and pink and blue plaid cap are so much more Big Fish!

From Dawn’s B-Day ’10

After the hats we got tickets to see Avenue Q and then took off to have an early dinner before the show. I found out about a secret spot, PDT (Please Don’t Tell) and I wanted to check it out. Come on, a hidden hotdog joint for adults, what is that? Well, what it is…is exactly that! A dark lounge with specialty hotdogs and cocktails. You do have to know how to get in, which is through the hidden back door of a phone booth! It was a fun time with birthday wishes from tables all around…and even shared tots and chili cheese fries! Yes, I had a hotdog and tator tots for my birthday…but I would not have it any different. I finally got my REAL Sabrette hot dog. Do not trust hot dog street stands anymore…even if they have the Sabrette umbrella it does not mean they are real Sabrettes!

From Dawn’s B-Day ’10

Getting a drink before the start of Avenue Q I saw an ad for the show saying, “Warning: There will be puppet nudity.” Hee hee! And it was THAT funny! Loved it.

From Dawn’s B-Day ’10

Although after the show we had to make the sometimes long and tiring subway trek back to Brooklyn, we woke up on our walk back to our sublease, so we decided to check out what will now be our “local.” South is nothing special at all, but that is what is so great about it. Just a neighborhood hangout, where I bet everyone would get to know your name given enough visits. After one beer we went home and laid our weary heads to rest.

Fun, but it does not end there. Although I did not want to do anything for my birthday the next day, Jim made plans for the Superbowl which ended with a cake. A big Brooklyn Blackout over-the-top-decadent-chocolate birthday cake, candles, a wish and a song, my birthday is complete.

From Dawn’s B-Day ’10

Thank you everyone for helping me feel special!

~ by My Gnome Little World on February 11, 2010.


  1. Sounds like fun. Wish we could have been there to celebrate. But then again, it might not have been as much fun for us with the three kids in tow! One of these days we’ll make it back to NYC. 🙂

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