“They” promised a lot of snow…

AND we got it! Eighteen inches of snow in Park Slope and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn! After almost 24 hours of snow coming down, what did you expect?

From NYC Snow Day 2010

Some people may not like the snow, but Jim and I were tickled by it all! Even walking down the street with snow going in our mouths because the snow blew sideways was fun for us. Okay, maybe we are just a tiny bit overly enthusiastic about the snow.

But not only did the snow make it a great Snow Day, but it was the indoor activities I got to do with some friends and their kids, that added to the snow delirium! Made my way over to Patty and Cooper’s around 12:30pm with 3-Step Truffle Ball supplies in hand! It took me awhile as I stopped to take lots of snow photos!

From NYC Snow Day 2010

Yana and Oliver were there ready for the indoor Snow Day Extravaganza. Yes, it snows then after some outside time we go in and make very fattening yummy treats! Life is good. Me with my Schnow Balls (not to be mistaken with Schweaty Balls) and Patty with her Valentine Sugar Cookies. Adults prepared and kids decorated, well mostly. The kids ate and ate lots of sugar. The adults ate lots and lots of cheese.

From NYC Snow Day 2010

The early afternoon led into late afternoon, the snow still coming down, Rich home from work early and Jim on his way over…the Snow Day continued. We had a nice sausage dinner and ate Schnow Balls for desert. Patty and I jested while Jim and Rich talked wind. Wind Wind Wind. It is supposed to be all about the Snow!

Well, we got a lot of snow on our way back home and we made the best of it. Snow fights, snow photos, snow walking and snow covered cars. A night time winter wonderland. It is like a blanket of cleanse all over the city. Ha…until the next day when it all turns to grey mush from the city coming back alive.

From NYC Snow Day 2010
From NYC Snow Day 2010

Seeing many snowmen on my travels on Snow Day motivated me to make a Snow-Woman the next day. There was tons of snow in our temporary backyard, so that is where I went. It had been a long time since I built a snowman and learned that doing it the next day is not a great idea. Dry snow just does not stick together, but I did not let that dissuade me to build a much need Snow-Woman. New York City needs a Snow-Woman!


Not as cute as I hoped…but I did it. Snowella lives! And she is well accessorized!

~ by My Gnome Little World on February 12, 2010.

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  1. Hey DB! Where are you two jow? Looking forward to seeing you in SAC this week! call me if you can- 916-770-1235.
    xo, DD

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