From CA Flowers

California’s wonderful spring weather convinced us to stay longer. Okay…there were other reasons as well. First, since Jim did not get the LA Landfill gig, which in the long run he decided he did not want due to the above average amount of LA driving he would have to do for it, we had no where else to go! And second, we also decided to try to out-stay our couch sleeping welcome on the West Coast as we did on the East Coast.

After SF, we went back to Jim’s parents in Martinez for a couple of nights, then we took off to our favorite NO-CAL area, the Sierra Foothill Wine Country! After 3 lovely days there we went back to Sacramento to spend the Easter holiday with Dawn’s brother and his clan.

Once again I will leave our photo albums (and the comments under almost each photo) to speak for themselves! **NOTE** If you want to see the whole album click the “From” area under each photo!

Trip to the Sierra Foothills and the Wineries for Our 3rd Anniversary!

From Anniversary in the Sierra Foothills

Drive Back to Sacramento along a Very Country Road!

From Drive through the CA Foothill Country Side

I have to let you know this area is one of our favorite places in the world and it will be the first place I write about when our blog changes over from “HenderBalz – Traveling Volunteers” to “HenderBalz – Hidden Places.” So stay tuned if you want to learn more about it!

More Baseball with Carl!
I must say as a proud Aunt, “Perfect Form Carl!”

From Carl & The Sand Gnats!

Brunch with the Dive Bar Founders and their S.O.’s

From Brunch with Dive Bar Night Founders!

Easter with the Balzarano Clan

From Easter 2010

Next…Our Cross Country Last Minute Journey to Vermont!


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