Let’s start with a few Wiki-Vermont facts:

Population: 621,270
Which makes it the second least-populated state (Fewer people than San Francisco, but still more than the whole state of Wyoming!)

Vermont is Populated Alright, With Trees!

From Vermont in April!

Land Mass: 45th
That is 45th out of the 50 states (that means pretty damn small).

The Land Mass in Our Backyard!

From Jim and Dawn’s Hike in Their Woods

*Biggest City: Burlington (Population: 38,897)
Around the size of Ormond Beach, FL (Daytona Beach’s next door neighbor to the north. Okay, I could not think of another town that you would know that is THAT small.)

*Capitol City: Montpelier (Population: 7,760)
This area was first claimed by France, hence the French name.

*No other state has a largest city as small as Burlington, or a capital city as small as Montpelier.

Weather: Winter: 4-25 F & 8 Months Long / Summer: 60-81 F &
The weather is comparable to Minsk, Stockholm, and Fargo, ND. And Spring is called “Mud Season” (we are in Spring right now).

This Was One of the Good Mud Season Days!

From Roadtrip to Middlebury and Woodstock, VT

Covered Bridges: Vermont has the highest number per square mile in the United States.

From Covered Bridges of Vermont
From Covered Bridges of Vermont

Economy: Let’s just say, “Bad!”
In 2008, an economist said that the state had “a really stagnant economy, which is what we are forecasting for Vermont for the next 30 years.”


From Roadtrip to Middlebury and Woodstock, VT
From Roadtrip to Middlebury and Woodstock, VT

But then there is Maple Syrup…Vermont is the leading producer…start buying it people!

Okay you get the picture, right?

One more thing…it takes less than an hour to drive across the southern part of the state.

Wait! I have not talked about the town where we reside! Brattleboro, Vermont!

Brattlesboro Bridge to New Hampshire

From Vermont in April!

And here are it’s Wiki-Facts:

Population: 11,491
(A tad bit smaller than Auburn, CA. Hey, I used an unknown town on the East Coast above.)

Uh…and that is about it folks! No, let me see there is some interesting stuff I have learned!

Strolling of the Heifers: Where they actually parade cows down the street (June 4-6 if you are interested).

Public Nudity: was not forbidden by any Vermont statute or Brattleboro ordinance, but on July 17, 2007 town officials passed an emergency rule by a 3–2 margin, temporarily “banning nudity on the main roads and within 250 feet of any school or place of worship, among other places” due to a number of complaints because nudist came to town to take advantage of the situation. (Note: Our place is not within that jurisdiction, anyone wanting to be nude there needs to send photos first please…for our approval).

Vermont Yankee: Brattleboro is within the 10 mile emergency radius of this 38 year old Nuclear Plant. Nuclear power is a cleaner power source than coal (so says my husband and many others).

Can’t All We Just Get Along?

From Jim and Dawn’s Hike in Their Woods

Rudyard Kipling:
The very much loved author in the late 1980’s lived and built his dream home in Brattleboro Vermont.

Brattleboro Where Beautiful flowers like this pop up in the Mud Season

From Walks in Brattleboro

Ely Culbertson: We are actually living in the house that this very significant American Contract bridge (card game) personality built. He was also an author (his ghost hangs out encouraging me to write).

This Baby Fern was Found in Ely’s Old Backyard

From Walks in Brattleboro

Fair Trade: Brattleboro is the second Fair trade certified town in the nation, joining Media, Pennsylvania.

And I just learned this…just what I need:

Brattleboro Retreat: The renowned psychiatric hospital and convalescent center.

One last thing about Brattleboro: You can drive in 4 states in one day if you want (VT, NY, MA & NH).

Actually, we have only been here a couple of weeks and it seems like a great place. Very NoCal / Oregony if you ask me, granola and artsy! This is the land of pesticide-free-grass-fed cow meat, home-made goat cheese. and awesome farmer markets! Oh and let me know forget…old and new hippies.

Our Temporary Home

From Jim and Dawn’s Hike in Their Woods

Who knew we would be in Vermont?

~ by My Gnome Little World on April 29, 2010.

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