I did something new and different for me on July 1st…and I liked it. So, I decided to continue to do new things all the month! I hope to do them daily, but realistically I may not get ‘er done, BUT be assured I WILL be doing several new things a week! So come back often all the month of July for Dawn’s “New Thing A Day” Adventure!

JULY 1st:
I went to a casting call for a low budget short film! Why? Why Not? Maybe I was on pain killer when I decided to do this, but did not back out when when the meds wore off! It was nerve racking, but even if I do not get a part, I know I am an Oscar winner! They had NO idea I was in complete and horrid back pain. Why? Because I acted my heart out to hide it! Yeah for me!

My Head Shot

From Little League Opening Day with the Balzarano Clan!

JULY 2nd:
Since my back is out, I was thinking of what I could do from the computer…and last night I told Jim I was going to a Porn Site today. Come back to see if I did! Wooo Hooooo!

Okay, so I did not go to a porn site on the 2nd! I did do several new things, like trying a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s and one even without chocolate (since B & J’s is from Vermont…there are even more crazy flavors here then where you are I am sure)! We also went to 2 new places, Jamaica and Manchester, unfortunately one was not in the Caribbean and the other was not in England, both in lovely little Vermont! But those 3 aside, I will tell more about the one that was more uncomfortable for me to do, being that is my goal with this month of doing new things.

I found and made reservations at a Resort in the town of Manchester, VT. Why is that so uncomfortable? Well, I am a person that is uncomfortable spending money on bigger purchases, much less for over priced hotels that call themselves resorts. Usually you are not in your room for too long, so why pay a lot? So, I broke down and did it since our Boston plans for the holiday weekend were ruined by my thrown out back. Well, okay, I cheated a little. I found one I like, Palmer House Resort, and talked the reservation clerk down to a reasonable amount (I am sure we did not get a top room either but that is okay), and the place is more like a Resortel. Beautiful grounds, great activity options, wonderful service, large nice room, and all in a pretty little mountain town. But laid out in the motel format where rooms face parking spots, except the parking spots at this Resortel faced the wonderful


From The Resortel!

JULY 3rd:
On this day I went way out of my comfort zone, my hurt back comfort zone that is. I got a massage. I was very worried he would whack my back out even more, but he was a miracle worker. Although my back still hurts, I can now stand up straight again! And I hardly ever get massages because that would mean spending money on bigger ticket items, but hit pay dirt when I found the number for this one massage therapist. He works at the expensive place where I was going to get a massage, but he also has his own place and got the same massage for $50.00 less!

Come back soon to hear about what this crazy girl did for her new thing on the nation’s celebration day of Independence!

Okay, I did not do anything outside of my comfort zone, but I was a bit apprehensive about going to the July 4th Firework Viewing party that we were invited to attend. I know, me apprehensive about going to a party? Unheard of! But hear me out. First, I knew there would be no dancing on top of at this particular party. Then, not even a minute in the door of the 8000 square foot home on the 15 acre estate were my worries founded. The gracious host introduced us around and I talk to couple dressed in the most conservative summer outfits we had ever seen, yellow shorts on a 50 something man, really? It worked for him, what did not work for me was his partner’s over use of the words affluent and equine. Yes, calling your horse farm an equine farm sounds affluent, but you are living in Vermont Dears, bring it down a notch.


From Our 2010 4th of July!

Okay, I keed, said couple were conservative and probably have more money in their furnished living room of their 1970’s home than I will see all my life, but they were also very fun. You can take a New Yorker out of New York, but you can’t take the New Yorker out of an affluent equine farmer in Vermont! I hope to be able to experience them again, their home and their farm in the near future, that is, if they do not read my blog! I do believe they think us traveling commoners are entertainment as well!

Click on photo to get to album!

From Our 2010 4th of July!

Both Jim and I did not use our 5th to the wisest. We talked to our landlord, well, the wife of the landlord couple, and did not tell her we were moving out next week. It was just too uncomfortable. It would just have been rude to do so as she is going through a really hard time right now and just needed support at the time, not more bad news. Jim promised to do it as soon as we got back from Manchester on the 4th, but it is now the 6th and still has not done it. I just can’t. I better remind him to do it right now. Yikes. Some thing are really just TOO uncomfortable to do!

Newfane, VT

From Our 2010 4th of July!

Okay, although I talked about it with one Kitty McFar, I did not come up with a “New Thing To Do” today, but did come up with two new ideas. 1) Make a list of new and uncomfortable things for me to do this month. And 2) Next Month, August, will be “Write At Least a Sentence A Day Towards Finishing My Book” Day!

From Our 2010 4th of July!

JULY 7TH: This one will be over the top! I will have the car and the sky is the limit! Come back soon to see what New and Uncomfortable thing I actually did!

Okay, not over the top…but something new and a bit questionable!  I thought I was just getting a massage and I got my chakra read as well.  Apparently my 2nd chakra is broken.  Not sure if that is worse or better than having a “broken drink!”

Read the next blog for WEEK TWO of Dawn’s Do a New Thing a Month Adventure!


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