Is it possible that it is hard to be a Roamin’ Gnome?

It is not hard…but every gnome wants its own yard to hang out in and to call home!

Even that Travelocity gnome wants it. I know this. I know this because…my gnome met his momma gnome and she said, “I am so happy for his success, but he is not happy traveling the gnome globe all the time.” With tears in her eyes she added, “Come home to Momma Gnome, my travelin’ the globe gnome!”

I am right there with you my brotha’ roamin’ gnome. It is nice to have at least our little studio for two months, but “home” it is not, even with a gnome in the garden and another on the hearth.

Poor Packed-Away-in-a-Storage-Unit Skibbleshanks Gnome:

From Day After Dawn & Jim’s Wedding Brunch

After a visit from the Rogans, recovering Roamin’ Gnomes themselves. Okay, the Rogans are not gnomers, but they were roamers from 2003 – 2007. You can take the roaming away from the gnome, but you can’t take away the gnome’s love for the roam. Rich seems to have a love for the roam. He started to look online for places to buy in Brattleboro, which got me into it even more after they left.

Why have I gotten so into it?

Maybe because the housing here is very affordable especially compared to our last housing experience in Sacramento, CA.

Click here to see a
2700 sq ft Home for $200K.

Maybe because not only can you buy a house you can get land. A yard, imagine that, a REAL yard!

Click here to see a

1850 Sq ft home with 2.5 ACRES for $250K!

Maybe because I am getting this odd bug to invest in real estate?

Maybe because we have started to fall for little ‘ole Brattleboro.

And its cows, especially Bright and Lion!  My FAVS!

From Strolling of the Hieffers 2010

Maybe because Jim’s contract gig started to talk about permanent work?

Or maybe it is because I just want a place to call home, with our old bed, our eclectic tchotchkes, and our beloved cooking utensils!

Maybe it is a mix of all of the above.

Although a lot of places here are definitely affordable, I do not think buying a house is an investment. Note to self, seriously start looking at places that offer a turn key business with live-in options. Land seems like a dream, I mean a yard bigger than a postage stamp seems like a fantasy come true. But knowing me, I would start filling that land with a chicken here, a goat there, a homeless donkey there, and soon I would be overwhelmed in animal care at 6am in minus 5 degree 3 feet deep snow weather!  Especially after living in Honduras for a year!

Me and My Honduran Gnome friend:

From Semana Santa – Day Before Easter – 2009

Okay, in all honesty, I have fallen for Brattleboro, so that might be the biggest “Maybe” of them all. Who knew I was a small town rural type of gal, but what you do not know about Brattleboro it is one of the most art centric places we have ever been to. If you throw a feather, you will be sure to hit an artist of some sort here; writers, musicians, actors, circus acts, photographers, painters, jewelers, and so much more! This town also has good places to eat, to drink, to swim, to engage in intellectual and fun experiences, and, to just be. But hold on there cowgirl, no Brattleboro without a job here first! And the talk of a permanent gig for Jim was just that, talk.   It has been warned over and over again, do not move here without an income and this advice we will heed!

So, with a like of this town and what is becoming a stronger and stronger need to have a home again. Here we are, at a Roamin’ Gnome crossroads.

Oh to set things straight, we are not seriously talking about buying a home. Okay, I am looking out of curiosity, but I am not going to let this fantasy of having a great life here in Brattleboro get in the way of the reality that maybe after the first snow storm, I will run screaming from this cold hell of a town! Another issue, getting to know New Englanders really well? Do we want to be stuck in a snow bound place with just each other? Lord no! We have not only heard it is hard to get through that shell New Englanders have to protect themselves, we have experienced it too. So, being of a smartish intelligence, we would rent first…uh …probably.

Even with these known warnings, I am wanting a place we can all home. And I want something that is not pre-furnished. And something for more than a month or two. I want our bed, I want that cool dresser thing I looked forever for and finally found with Heather on Valencia Street when she was visiting SF one year. I want our framed photos of family and friends all around us. And okay, and there is a part of me that wants to decorate too! I won’t even start to tell you about the cool shabby chic / antique things we can find for cheap here.  And the real shabby, not the made to look shabby shabby! My new antique milk bottles from Dawn Dairy (Yes a dairy that was named Dawn) will blend in nicely next to a milk bucket filled with my collection of decorative balls.

Anyway, fantasies aside, we are here for now, without our stuff, for we-do-not-even-know how long, in a not-our-style-furnished tiny rental. These Roamin’ Gnomes without a home are making the best of it. And mind you, we are not complaining, but sometimes the gnome gardens are greener next door.


The Hender-B-Gnomes in their last Gnome Home

(Ha…you can see a Gnome on the mantle even!)

From 2006_10_31-Halloween


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