This list of NEW things will be shorter than the last…to the point with a quick description!


This is a big week…will be doing something I really have never ever done in my life and I am very uncomfortable even thinking about it!  For those inpatient people see July 12th!

Read on or Stay Tuned!

JULY 8TH: Had a visit from a SF friend!

Not uncomfortable at all!  Rina was our first guest from not only San Francisco, but all of California to boot!  Wait…from all of the west coast even!  She was in the Boston area and made the 2 hour country road drive over to Brattleboro for the night.   It was way-oh-so exciting for me to have a girlfriend to hang with in-person for 24 hours or so!

From San Fran Cis Co

Since I had a guest to our little town, no, I did not do anything really new.  Deal with it!

JULY 9TH : Went to an Antiquarian Book and Button Store.

Who knew they even existed? Although, the only really uncomfortable thing about it was the immense amount of dust, it is hard to get myself in stores like that!!  First, if you love the books so much…dust once in awhile AND put the beloved old things  into some kind of understandable order, Mr. Funky Antiquarian Book Guy!!    I did buy two buttons to hopefully make rings out of them…which made the Antiquarian button guy cringe!  And I so wanted to wash my hands afterwards…the buttons were so dusty they left dirt on my hands.  Okay…so you are seeing the “someone else’s dirt” phobia side of me!

JULY 10TH: I stayed in!

For those of  you who really know me, know that it is unusual for me to turn down going out to do just about anything! The social butterfly within just does not let it happen, but I did stay in for the night (a Saturday night mind you) while Jim and our friend, Matt (met in Honduras but lives in CT), went out for dinner and to see a couple of bands!  It is not easy being the “good” wife.  Go ahead, laugh!

JULY 11TH: Jim is hiking Wantastiquet Mountain today…and it IS VERY uncomfortable that I can not go because of my back.

This whole back out of whack thing is getting on my nerves!!!  Doc said no exercise except some stretches and some walking, but know if I do it more than 20 minutes my back will start hurting not to speak of what hiking up hill for an hour would do!   Okay, I am going to still try to do something really new instead of just using this as my lame “kind of” new thing for the day!

From Jim & Matt’s Mountain Hike

Wantastiquet Mountain is only 1390 feet above sea level, so am I really missing anything?

JULY 12TH: I broke a leg…in the acting sense!  I played a hair dresser in a short film today!!

“Tick Tock Time Emporium” is a short low budget film and I am IN IT! Well, that is if I get pass the editing room floor! Morgan Faust is an up and coming person in the film industry and I am very happy to be in one of her earlier projects!  I was taking notes from the young, yet very experienced, lead character, Max and her film Mom!

From Dawn’s Film Acting Debut!

JULY 13TH:  I will be the official “Still Shot Photographer” on the “Tick Tock Time Emporium” today!

From Day 2 of Shooting!

Now that is something new for me these days!  I have not had my photography acknowledged or published since college! Unless asked otherwise, my film industry days are now over. A whole lot of standing around waiting does not make a healing whacked-out back happy…but me and my back enjoyed our time in cute little Bellow Falls, Vermont!

From Filming in Bellow Falls

JULY 14TH:  Uh….how will I top the last two days???  Come back soon to find out!

Well, today I came up with a design for something I have been thinking about for, oh, let’s just say, forever!  I never could decide on one design and this morning I came up with something perfect!  I am sorry I can not tell you what it is, because it will ruin another new thing I have planned for later in the month.  But, you will see it when the whole new “never-been-done-but-been-thinking-about-it-forever”  thing is completed!  Wait, I lie, you can see it somewhere on the HenderBalz Blog before then!  Can you guess what it is?


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