I started this, so I have to finish it…but I should not have done it during a month with a bad back!

I could be doing things like; taking a circus training class, go kayaking on my own, hiking a mountain, learning more about horse back riding, volunteering at a petting zoo and so on…but no!  I am stuck with a whacked out back trying to come up with non-physical “new” things to do!

So…here are my new things for Week Three:


July 15th: Laid around with a “wrenched” whacked out back while our new apartment needed to be put into order.

We moved to another furnished small place yesterday.  Still not “home,” but closer to downtown Brattleboro and it has 2 rooms instead of bring just a studio!  I was on the road to recovery with my whacked out back, but think the standing around the 2 days at the film shoot and packing stuff weakened my back and I “wrenched” it putting me back to the pain I felt the first week I threw it out!  Argh.   Not to0 many people know this about me, but when I move to a new place I settle in the first night.  I hate living out of boxes and not feeling like it is my place.  So I had to fight that urge over and over again all day long.

July 16th: Went to Jefferson, NY.  I have never been to Jefferson, NY, and not only was that new, we stayed at a brothel-like hotel too!

From Nestler Family Reunion Weekend (Mom’s side) 2010

A family reunion on my Mom’s side of the family brought us to Jefferson, NY.  A small town with a Masonic Hall, a grass square and a restaurant/bar that also has 3 rooms for rent.  That is about it.  And yes, we stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel!  There is definitely more drinking and eating going on there than sleeping…and now we know why!  And that is all I will say about that!

July 17th: Met some family members for the very first time!

At the Nestler family reunion, I met several family members that I had never met before.  Going to a Nestler family reunion is not a new thing, but meeting new family members is a new thing for me!  I love it and found out that I have 208 cousins on this side of my family alone!

From Nestler Family Reunion Weekend (Mom’s side) 2010

July 18th: We went to Troy, NY.

From Trip Back to Vermont from the Catskills

Who knew Troy, NY was so cool looking and photogenic?  And if we had known we would have gotten there earlier for the HUGE Bar-B-Que Cook Off event they were having that day!  Due to its industrial / port town back ground I do not think many people have thought of it as a pretty town to visit, but they have turned the past into something really lovely.  The Central Troy Historic District is just amazing with old beautiful building after the next, not to mention the green riverside park and interesting bridge!

From Trip Back to Vermont from the Catskills
From Trip Back to Vermont from the Catskills

If you thought that all was exciting…the rest of the 3rd week gets even better! Uh…Just joking!

July 19th: Completely moved into new apartment…meaning I put everything away!

This is not a new thing for me, but I could not stand it any longer!  And happily I did not whack my back out again doing so!

From Our New Brat Apt!
From Our New Brat Apt!
From Our New Brat Apt!
From Our New Brat Apt!

July 20th:   Walked from our new apartment around downtown…we live in the middle of it all now…so it is exciting for us small town folk!

Went to the Post Office and the Co-Op…how much more non NEW could I get?  But I did NOT need a car to do any of it! Even throughout the years living in San Francisco without a car, I needed a bus to do those two things!

July 21st: We decided we are staying in Brattleboro, VT for a year. Now…that is a concept that is not only new, but it is something I just can’t get my mind around!

Jim’s work will more than likely last longer that a year, but we can not commit to living here more than that right now. Our plan of living in a big city with lots of stuff to do, public transportation and maybe a friend or family member or two around…was the plan! So much for plans!


From Covered Bridges of Vermont
From Vermont in April!
From Vermont in April!

COME BACK FOR WEEK FOUR OF DAWNS DO-A-NEW-THING MONTH. I promise week 4 will be the most exciting yet…oh good Lord what will I get myself into now?

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