Woo Hoooo! Week 4…the end of this new-things shenanigans!

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July 22nd:  Although a different kind of new thing, it is a monumental one for me!  I got my doctor to give me a prescription for a sinus infection without her even looking up my nose.

After my $1000.00 / 5 doctor appointment fiasco in Brooklyn this past winter, I was very worried about not getting the antibiotics I need and fast, but this nurse practitioner was a blow over!!  I wish I could have gotten her to do it over the phone, but unfortunately I did have to go into the office.

And I applied for volunteer work today. Volunteer work is not something new to me, but since I need to make this place home-for-now, I also need to make a life-for-now too.

I will be working with Big Brothers / Big Sisters, but not as a mentor since they have a 2 year commitment.  As I know, non-profits need a lot of help, so I will be writing newsletter articles, marketing for in-kind donations, helping with events, and stuffing envelopes if the need be.

July 23rd:  Went to Nashua, NH and Burlington, MA for the very first time.

Not that I think Nashua or Burlington are all that, but they do have something we needed…a Costco and a Best Buy!  Jim always buys his tires at Costco, so we found one in New Hampshire, a state that does not have sales tax!  And we needed to put our sick computer in for some Geek Squad warranty fixins’! 

A little extra in the new thing department:  our hotel lost power minutes after we got there!  Fortunately 3.5 hours later, a dinner out and walk around a huge mall, it came back on!

July 24th:  We encountered a Revolutionary War Re-enactment!

From Concord, Mass

We were in the Minute Man National Park which is in Concord, MA.  A little show took place around a building that once was a tavern, no beers now, but once beers sloshed freely in pewter mugs!  We got the full view of a small regiment; the authetic clothing, marching (by the way they marched I am surprised they got anywhere back in the day), and guns.  They even fiired the guns! 

From Concord, Mass

Ooooh!  And we participated in a market place setting as well…eels, material, hats, and veggies for sale!  

From Concord, Mass

There were lots of new things learned on this day around and about Concord, MA! We saw 4 literary greats grave sites in the Sleepy Hallow Cemetery.   We also saw where Paul Revere was captured as well as where one of the first battles of the Revolutionary war took place!

From Concord, Mass

July 25th:  Went to Boston, MA for the first time ever! 

From North End, Boston!

We were not planning on going to Boston on this particular weekend, but we were so close we had to take a peek see.  We went to the Italian hood of North End where the Italian food was plenty and the parking was rare!   I had never seen worse parking in all my city living life!  Most of the street parking was reserved for residents!  Why put in hundreds of restaurants, more seats than residents in the hood, and have NO parking?  But the joyous atmosphere, the crowded streets, the St. Joseph Fest, the outdoor concert, and the Italian rice ball and homemade canoli made it all worth while!

From North End, Boston!

July 26th:  My first day back to the gym.   Not new…but trying to get back on track!

After a month of not being able to go, it was nice to try it out, but to be honest  my back hurt afterwards.  Argh!  (Note: went back in two days and all seems to be going well.)

July 27th:  Today I learned a few new things…learned from reading a murder mystery (and checked online ;o)!  They are not just for guilty pleasures anymore!

1)  Edgar Allan Poe used to live in The Bronx, when it was farmland.

2)  Allan is not Poe’s middle name, but the last name of the surrogate father that raised him after his parents died.

All this after I just learned about the lives of Thoreau, Hawthorne, Alcotts and Emerson this past weekend in Massechusettes. What a literary week I am having!

3)  The New York Botanical Garden located in The Bronx has an original growth forest…yes…a forest in New York City!

4)  There is a great conservatory in the NY Botanical Garden that was built in 1902, 22 years younger than the great Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park in SF, CA, but grand none the less!

I have some family roots in The Bronx…I do need to visit soon!

July 28th: Went on a hike/walk in Bellow Falls (the location of my acting debut) along the river/railroad tracks.

We have not really taken advantage of the hiking opportunities in Vermont much, so on this fine weathered eve (low humidity and not too hot) we jumped at the chance for exploration. Let’s just say this is our practice for a try at least part of the Long Trail! Yes, we just want to be able to say we hiked part of the Appalachian Trail!</a>

JULY 29TH: Hmmm…I sewed a button on a pair of pants for Jim.

Now, that is something new for me!

JULY 30TH: I thought before I talked.

That is just amazing for me!

JULY 31ST And now my last…I did not get the tattoo I thought I was going to get by the end of the month.

Something that will be on my body for the rest of my life needs even more time to think through…even after thinking about it for say…20 years! But I have decided on the basic idea for the design!


Remind me never to do that again!


From North End, Boston!
From North End, Boston!


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