In honor of our 35 Random Things About Living in Honduras Blog Post in February 2009, we now made a list about things we discovered, think is funny, or are in awe of so far during our time in Vermont!

1. Even though it is cold more during the year than warm, there is a large percentage of motorcycles, pools, boats, and convertible cars here.

2. Red barns are everywhere!

From Trip to Greenfield & Deerfield, MA

3. They take green, as in environmental consciousness, to a new level. I have never seen so many options for grass fed, hormone free, petted daily, pesticide free, talked-to-nicely choices of meat in all my life. And I have never see so many people of all ages and backgrounds using their own bags at all grocery stores!

4. And speaking of green, I have never paid more for said “good for you” meat and organic veggies in all my life!

From Sunday Drive in the Country

5. There is more cooked and prepared food at the farmer’s market than fresh from the farm vegetables.

From Farmer’s Marketing Opening/May Day – Brattleboro

6. Vermont does not seem to have the pick of quality apples, as they have not been good as we would like.

7. You can not throw a rock in Brattleboro without hitting an artist/creative of any kind.

From First Friday in Brattleboro

8. Jim has started to “tuck-in” his shirts because his co-workers say the other option is messy.

9. Vermont produces some really great micro brews.

From Brat. Brewers Fest Weekend!

10. There seems to be a high amount of homemade ice cream companies here.

From Trip Home from Montreal

11. And while on the ice cream subject, the phrase “hard” ice cream is used here.

12. It is an undisputed beautiful place.

From Roadtrip to Middlebury and Woodstock, VT

13. Odd wind storms stir up now and then which still amazes Jim, almost as much as lightening and thunder storms do.

14. Vermonters do not believe in privacy fences. Fences to keep in horses, cows, goats, sheep, donkeys…yes…but not for privacy!

From 2010_08_30

15. There are basically two kinds of people in Vermont: 1) Hard working born in Vermonters, and 2) those with money, and I mean trust fund kind of money, from other New England or North East locations. Okay, there are the odd stragglers like Jim and I around as well.

16. It is super dooper green, as in color, here. Although, I hear that before I know it, it will be super dooper white.

From Saturday Drive to NH!

17. The best goat cheese on earth is made in Vermont. Put that in your chevre pipe and smoke it French goat herders!

From Memorial Day Weekend 2010

18. A woman here would most likely be more excited by a functional pair of rain boats or Uggs than a great pair of heels.

19. There are a lot of Dawns here.

From Strolling of the Hieffers 2010

20. One never gets bored of covered bridges.

From Covered Bridges of Vermont

21. We think that there is some kind of unwritten Vermont rule that you must own a Subaru.

22. We look forward excitedly for the Fall Leaf Peeping Season!

23. Cows are freakin’ cute.

From Memorial Day Weekend 2010

24. Even if there is nightlife, it is very mellow and over early.

From Brat. Brewers Fest Weekend!

25. There are definitely ghosts in Vermont.

26. Vermont has the best flowers ever!

From Our Brat. Back Yard
From Roadtrip to Middlebury and Woodstock, VT


27. Everyone drives slow here and now we are too! There is nothing to hurry for in Vermont!

~ by My Gnome Little World on September 9, 2010.

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