Hurricanes have been hitting down either before, during or after my visits since 2002!

I am sorry to Mexico, Virginia, New Orleans, all the Gulf area, and now Canada!

2002 – Hurricane Isidore hits Mexico the evening after we left!
2003 – Hurricane Isabel hits while I am visiting Virginia Beach, VA!
2005 – Hurricane Katrina hits a month before Jim and I were supposed to go for a vacation in New Orleans, LA.
2008 – Hurricanes Gustav and Ike both hit the Gulf area on our cross country road trip, so we had to change our plans to visit New Orleans, again!
2010 – Hurricane Earl was close to hitting Va Beach, VA, which I just visited less than 2 weeks ago. Then it was headed for New England where I live, and as we went up to Montreal for the weekend, the Hurricane hit Canada!

I am just so happy a hurricane did not hit Honduras when we were there, the 7.1 earthquake, flooding, bug infestation, and almost dying at sea on a small boat was enough!

Maybe I should move out of Hurricane Country and not visit those areas during Hurricane season anymore.

Now off to Blizzard weather here up in the frigid North East…let’s see what I can whip up!

~ by My Gnome Little World on September 9, 2010.

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