Our October so far has been filled with visitors and travel…and here is how it has been!

The Rogan/Berons came for a visit!

-Art Walk – Check!
-Farmer’s Market – Check!
-Drive to Hogback Mountain for Leaf Peeping – Check!
-Dover’s Bicentennial Celebration – Sad little event but check!
-Muscles for dinner Along with Rich’s need for RED meat – Check!
-Brunch at Fireworks – Yummy and Check!
-Corn Maze – Fun Check!
-Hike to the castle in the woods – Check!
-And last but not least…a visit to Gnome Lodge – Check!

And here are 42 lovely photos to prove it all! Click on photo to get to the album!

From The Leaf Peeping Rogan Visit

And then we went to California…and this is how it went!

-Whirlwind under 2 day SF friend tour – Check
-Henderson Family Event on Pier 39 on the busiest day of the year, Fleet Week Sunday – Check!
-Relaxing two night stay in Martinez including good family time – Check!
-Four Days in a storage unit leading to a need for marriage counseling ;o) – Check!
-3 Evenings with the entire Balzarano Clan – Check!
-Two full days of 3 kid babysitting extravaganza including visits with 12 friends of all sizes and ages – Check!
-Packing up Chloe Kitty and saying good-bye to her grandparents – Check!
-Complete exhaustion at the end of the 10 days – Check!

Whirlwind SF Tour Photos:

From SF Weekend…minus some friends!

Included in this under 2 day SF friend tour was a brunch in Redwood City…check the photos out:

From Brunch in Redwood City

Fleet Week Sunday / Birthday Party / Engagement Announcement:

From Pier 39 Fleet Week!

Our Sacramento Time all rolled into one Photo Album:

From Sacramento Time!

Chloe says, “Good-Bye Grandparents Henderson!”

From Chloe’s Grandparents say, “Good-bye!”

Now for the rest of October:

-Meet with potential new friend (of a SF friend) who just moved here – Friday Happy Hour, October 22nd
-Scary Halloween Corn Maze/Carriage Ride – Saturday, October 23rd
-Decide on and put together our Halloween Costumes – Week of October 25th
-Pack up our current place and move into Gnomad Lodge – Sunday, October 31st
-Prepare and pack for Dawn’s two weeks in Honduras (Leaving on Nov. 2nd) – Week of October 25th

Seems that the rest of October with be just as oh so busy!


From Sacramento Time!


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