Yes we did…and we are proud of it.

Come on, we live in a little town with limited choices…so don’t hate us for being epicureans for the weekend!

Oh, okay we also enjoyed the wonderful weather, the architecture, the history, the fancy cocktails and most of all the large scale of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that goes on in this most Irish city of the U. S. of A.

From Boston
From Boston
From Boston

We started our stay on St. Pat’s day and went straight to lunch at Kinsale’s…an Irish lunch mind you! Shepard’s Pie and Corned Beef are not known for their low calories, but were great to coat our tummy’s for some afternoon celebrating! Oh, let me not forget a bit of Guinness!

From St. Pat's Day Boston Style!

Everyone was in good cheer…whether already drunk…or completely sober! After lunch we went to the Green Dragon, a bar that has been around since the 1700’s. In this area of Boston, the streets are small and cobblestoned, and on that fine day flowing with green clad people of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds! I have an amazing ability to finagle my way into things, so we ended up at the only window table in the bar looking over said cute cobblestoned street. A fun younger couple from NYC somehow were okay with us muscling in on their spot and we, oddly enough, soon became their role models. Beer can do that to you, you know!

From St. Pat's Day Boston Style!

I am not sure if we should admit this, but here goes and please do not think less of us…we were home in bed by 8:00pm that night! And we are happy and okay with it…so deal people! We got the happy-just-starting to-drink-not-too-large crowd, not the super-overly-packed-stupidly-drunk-and-maybe-angry-sloppy crowd!

But not to worry folks, our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were not over yet. Of course, Boston does not let their biggest day of the year go by that fast!

Now backing to our Boston eating habits and I will make it easy for you:

1) Absolutely fantastic Spanish tapas at Toro in the South end. Flavors to die for! Keep those tapas coming!

2) Raw oysters and Cherrystone clams at Union Oyster House, the oldest seafood restaurant in Boston. Might I add, Cherrystones rock!

From Boston
From Boston

3) A gooey yummy chocolate bread pudding that by far puts any other dessert anywhere to shame at Sonsie in the Back Bay hood.

4) Dim Sum! Oh my gosh…we have not had Dim Sum in over 3 years and found a packed place in Chinatown, Bubor Cha Cha, where we devoured our little bites of yummy!

From Boston
From Boston

5) Drinks made to order by the most amazingly cocktail informed, including history and origins of, bartender at Drink in Southie. Scott, you’re the best!

6) Chicken liver pate so smooth it was like butta’…this too was had at Drink.

and to finalize our taste bud needs for the weekend…

7) The ever beloved $1.50 hot dog and drink deal at Costco on the way back to Vermont!

What? You thought we were food snobs or something?

But we are beer snobs! Which brings us to the last of our St. Paddy’s Day celebrating!

No green bud for us please! Playwright Bar and Restaurant right on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade route, had a nice choice of New England microbrew beers, thank you very much. And to top that, we again got a window seat for awesome parade viewing…this time we got it on our own but did share with others when the bar got crowded.

From St. Pat's Day Boston Style!

I believe most of the people in Playwright were there for the party and not the parade…but Jim and I liked group after group of bag pipers and revolutionary war dressed folk.

From St. Pat's Day Boston Style!
From St. Pat's Day Boston Style!

Okay, I enjoyed even more the gobs of Boston’s finest…men…that is: Police officers, firemen, sailors, carpenters, iron workers, and coast guardsmen!

From St. Pat's Day Boston Style!

Even more fun for the both of us, were the people in their whacky green St. Patrick’s Day get ups…green mohawks, fake bright red beards, thigh high shamrock socks, hats in all kinds of shapes and sizes and green head-to-toe body suits!

From St. Pat's Day Boston Style!

Good times…some in honor of the Irish…some not…but all in Boston style!

Speaking of style…I drooled over so many cute city girl outfits!

Maybe it should have been a “Shop Our Way Through Boston” trip! Note to self for next trip!

~ by My Gnome Little World on March 29, 2011.


  1. Yum! Wish I was there!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

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