We went to visit an old friend of Jim’s, but we got so much more!

Yes, it was Cherry blossom time in Washington, D.C., but there was also all kinds of other blooming blooms!

FINALLY ACTUAL CHERRY BLOSSOM PHOTOS AND MORE…CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW FOR THE WHOLE ALBUM! Our computer died, the replacement computer was a lemon and so now we have one we can trust again…we think!  So the photos were finally downloaded!

From Cherry Blossoms & Flowers of DC

It was not the peak of the Cherry Blossoms, but the Magnolia, Daffodil, Tulip, Quince, Anne Russell, Forsythia and Hyacinth blooms made up for that!

From Washington DC
From Washington DC

Do not get me wrong, we did see more of our fine Capitol than just flowers!

We also enjoyed seeing good architecture, golden statues, art, famous homes, important buildings, colorful neighborhoods, and all kinds of museums, as well as spending some time with an old friend and some new ones!

From Washington DC
From Washington DC

You can’t go to Washington D.C. without hitting at least one museum, so instead of the normal Smithsonian route, we went the Spy route. Yes, we went to the International Spy Museum. Just in case you are asked, I was never there, but Angelina Fortalini was! And if they try to torture you, all you know is I (Angelina) just got back from Vietnam from a business trip for her travel agency.

From Washington DC

And yet another off the beaten track (meaning anything not on The National Mall) museum, we enjoyed a quick visit to the Newseum. If it were not for our hosts, we would never have even known about it. In the short time we had there, we did get to experience the last 50 years of Pulitzer-winning photograph exhibit. Every single one of them produced some kind of emotion out of the viewers, whether happiness, sadness, hatred, anger, confusion or deep sorrow. Some I had to know the back stories too, but others I just had to walk past quickly. Besides that we went through a Berlin Wall exhibit which was more colorful than one would think!

From Washington DC

Even though the weather was not perfect during our stay, the exuberant blooms beaming up at us made up for the lack of sun shining down on us.

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