On YouTube that is!  

Not sure why some of these are up there in views…but here are our top 15 viewed videos on our HenderBalz-Vision Channel on youtube.com

Enjoy and please excuse our amateur filming and editing abilities! Most all clips are under 30 seconds, but some are around 1 minute or as long as 4 minutes (only one is that long though).

1) The below clip is of Vendors on a “local” bus in El Salvador. They come on at stops and walk through, this particular stop had a abnormal large amount of sales people!   24,205 VIEWS!

2) This clip is of me, Aunt Dawn, and Turner, our (at the time) 16 year old nephew, arm wrestling. It is has been a tradition through Turner’s life that the two of us arm wrestle…this was the first time the “Grasshopper” won!   4,448 VIEWS!

3) This clip was taken by our nephew, the above Arm Wrestling Winner, Turner ,when he came to visit us in Honduras.  No description is needed…enjoy the beauty!   2,437 VIEWS!

4) We went to a funky little zoo in the tiny town of El Valle, Panama. In this zoo there were roosters, and here is what we thought was the saddest crow on on the smallest rooster.   2,231 VIEWS!

5) We love the squirrel and when this red one popped up on the beaches of Montezuma, Costa Rica we had to video it’s odd eating habits!   1,767 VIEWS!

6)  Not sure why this one is viewed so much, but Folsom Prison on the island of Guanaja off the coast of Honduras is kind of funny!  1,157 VIEWS!

7) This video shows how Hondurans use their hands and body to communicate, with special footage of Jaime (Jim) doing his Catracho thing!   1,041 VIEWS!

8)  This is one our favorite because it just makes us smile! We call it the “Panties Get Wet” video! We were on a small island off, Bastimentos, of Boca del Toro, Panama for the first annual Water Taxi Races! It was a very festive day!   1,014 VIEWS!

9)  We took a tour of a cigar factory in Estili, Nicaragua and this is the final video we took of the rolling and cutting process.   994 VIEWS!

10)  Ah, the town of Alegria, El Salvador. It is worthy of it’s own song. On this particular morning we ran into the morning show, Viva La Manana! being taped live in the central park. We saw this guy and his son the day before playing from table to table to make money, the next day they are on a National TV show!   970 VIEWS!

11)  Bonaca is a tiny island off the small island of Guanaja that is off the coast of Honduras. This is the view from our hotel on Bonaca.   951 VIEWS!

12)  Kings Day (Jan. 6) in Livingston, Guatemala! This is a traditional dance the Garifuna people do during festivals. Check out that fancy footwork!   899 VIEWS!

13)  This is a style of dance and music that comes from the Garifuna people. You basically just slightly  lift  your feet up kind of walking in place and then shake your butt like you have never done before!   685 VIEWS!

14)  The celebration at Expatriados in La Ceiba, Honduras after Honduras beat El Salvador and USA tied with Costa Rica qualifying Honduras for the World Cup 2010!   674 VIEWS!

15)  There may have been a couple more with a view more views…but this is Jim making people laugh in the streets of Montreal. I am sure it will make you laugh too!   552 VIEWS!

If you want to view our HenderBalz-Vision Channel on YouTube to check out our other 110 videos, just put in henderbalz on youtube.com


~ by My Gnome Little World on September 8, 2011.

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