I will start with a Christmas craft that missed Christmas!

My Shell Christmas Tree…Turned….Shell Everyday Decoration!

From 2012 Projects

My first plan was to make two shell Christmas trees…but with the glue I was using it was taking too long.

That was until I got my hands on my packed away glue gun!

By the way, I used hard cardboard cones as they were way cheaper than Styrofoam, but anything would work!

From 2012 Projects

With 75% left to go, I got in glue gun mode and finished it in less than an hour! 

For extra cuteness…I used clear fingernail polish with sparkle (don’t forget the sparkle) on it for some extra shine!

From 2012 Projects

NOTE:  I had leftover shells with holes in them from my Christmas Tree Shell Garland project, so I just used them.  It may look a bit better with no-hole shells.  Also, after realizing that perfectly fitting them in was not my thing, I just started layering them willy nilly to hide the cone form, and I liked how it looked at the end.

Since I was running out of shells (okay I could never run out of them since I now live across the street from the beach), I decided to go a different route….the string route…for the other cone.  Colorful yarn can be used for this as well.

From 2012 Projects

The picture says it all…Elmers glue and two kinds of string!  Around and around you go…and you got yourself a cone covered in string!

I have seen this done with large letters, bottles…almost anything and it always looks great!

PS…look in the first photo.  Check out the block of wood with the rockers on it.   Are you now wondering, “How did she do that?”  Well, come back soon and learn for yourself!

PSS…We are off on more adventures this weekend…so more travel stories and photos to come as well!  


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