Below are some items I made from stuff either lying around the house or that I pick up cheap on-sale at stores, yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets or antique fairs!

Safety pins, we all have at least some lying around!

But when I realized I had lots of them, I put them to work for me!

Well, I went to work on bringing my some-what-punk-definitely-alternative youth back to life!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

From Safety Pins & Pendants

And I brought this old shirt back to life too!

Here is how I did it:

1) Get/find pins.

2) Get/find shirt.

3) Put pins in some decorative manner on shirt!

If you are like me, you pick up little things here and there because they are cheap, cool, lovely, funky and even free!

So, I have a collection of items like vintage buttons, shells, beads, strings, rocks, chains, charms and the such.

Right now I have a penchant for pendants on long chains.

So I went to work on putting all my items together in hopes for new jewelry!

This one I did in Vermont!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

I think I picked up the red plastic coral looking pendant on sale for cheap at Micheal’s and had the two chains laying about in my jewelry container. Put the two together with the use of one of Jim’s tools…and I had a necklace that I have worn a lot!

And here is what came after that!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

The below two are made from vintage buttons, shell, metal decorative pieces, a crown charm and chains.

From Safety Pins & Pendants

I bought a cheap feather necklace from Forever 21, but the feather fell off right away.  The chain and beads went perfectly with this round decorative piece I had laying about!  Easy peasy necklace!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

And these were even easier.

We bought the owl in Central America and have had it around for a while now.

Owls are big right now…so a big owl on the end of satin string seemed like a perfect match for a fun necklace!

I am thinking the Octopus will be the “new” Owl, so with that in mind I could not pass up this octopus pendant on sale for cheap at Michael’s!  Add chain and “tadaaa,” you have yourself a new Octopus necklace!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

And these are oldies, but goodies!

I made a bunch of rock jewelry in the 90’s and these are the ones I kept!

I enjoy wearing them again…along with the earrings!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

From Safety Pins & Pendants

The things I can do with rocks, paint, leather string and glue and…

Ooooh, the places I can go in them!

So many necklaces, so little places to go!

Where shall I wear this, my newest creation?

From Safety Pins & Pendants

This was made with a chandelier crystal that I bought for $1.00 with the clasp on it already and the chain I bought for $1.25, both on sale at a local antique store.  I cut out a graphic that was on a cool bag from purchases at yet another antique store. I Mod Podged it on the back of the crystal and then glued beads around the paper to make it look more complete.

The one below is a gift for me Mum In-law! It’s coming soon Alice!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

Made with two local shells I found on the beach, pearls and beads!

Chloe Kitty is modeling my next creation!

From Safety Pins & Pendants

From Safety Pins & Pendants

Not only do I think the octopus is the new owl, but I am obsessed with them.  So, I had to buy this pendant that was on sale at Michael’s. Added a shell bead from an old broken bracelet, attached the chains, and I got myself another necklace!




OH…Here’s How I did them:

1) Collect things..small and medium things (things that could be pendants and things that one can hang a pendant off is a good idea too).

2) Lay them all about you, with tools of the trade (in my circumstance that meant “O” rings, needle nose pliers, and a glue gun) and start playing with what looks good with what and then attach!

And there you have it!

Funky cheap jewelry…or not so cheap if you buy it from me!

~ by My Gnome Little World on March 12, 2012.

One Response to “SAFETY PINS and PENDANTS!”

  1. Oh, I can hardly wait for it to come so I can wear it. You are such a creator and with great imaginations. By the way Chloe looks fantastic modeling your creations. How about a career for Chloe as a model………….love you.

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