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I usually just tell people, “I make things.” I like that because of the vastness of it, but after a conversation with Jim about the difference between art and craft, I looked it up.

I found this description to work for me on Difference Between Art and Craft…to a point:

Art vs Craft
“Most people do not see any difference between art and craft as they are both considered to be forms of creativity. Let’s consider how art and craft differ.

Art is a form of work that is the expression of emotions. Craft is a form of work, which results in a tangible output, for example, moulding and carving.

Art is often described as unstructured and open ended. It has no limitations of expression, just like in painting. Craft on the other hand is structured, which means that it has a certain form that is visible.”

I agree and disagree…as a craft I am going to make a necklace, but to get to the end point there is emotion and open endedness!

So…I created my own word!


Others in the running were CRARTist and Creatist!

Use it, if you want…or call yourself anything you want!

In all honesty, I will probably go back to “I make things!” ;o)

~ by My Gnome Little World on April 16, 2012.

One Response to “ARFT”

  1. I thought this was going to be a blog post about dog art 😉 As in, my dog can paint, he’s a great arftist. haha

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