This time it is an adventure of a different kind!

We got the keys, and now ready to get down and dirty…

From Melbourne House

On a 1964  house with a lot of original touches…

Like those kitchen cabinets and counter-top!

The outside…with or updating notes to boot!

From Melbourne House

Not too exciting…


And you are invited to our soon to be cozy party back patio!

From Melbourne House


The inside!

For a FULL tour of the house with our reno-notes…click on any of the photos to get to the album.

From Melbourne House

The entry way…complete with plastic “crystal” ceiling light!


Let me continue!

From Melbourne House

The Sunken Living Room and in back, part of the dining room!

Keep on walking straight through the foyer passing the living room on your left…

Through the double doors!

Yes…the double doors…into the Family Room!

From Melbourne House


And fireplaces in Florida…why not? Off center ones, closer to the kitchen…why not as well!

From Melbourne House

There is the original kitchen!

Okay, the appliances are not OG.

I love the counter-top!

From Melbourne House

Stay tuned how we freshen up the kitchen with Mid-Century Modern design in mind…

On the cheap…of course!

And down the hall from the kitchen on the way to the garage, everybody loves a…

From Melbourne House

Bright cheery flowery  half-bath, don’t they?

Now to the other side of the long house…the sleeping side!

From Melbourne House

The master bedroom!

 I thought that was wall paper, but it is material and pretty easy to take off, Schew!

But the master bath as the real thing!  Fun Fun!

From Melbourne Houseur favorite part of it all…

Our favorite part of the bath is this!

From Melbourne House

The cool circle bubbly doors!

And now, let me prepare you for one of the bedrooms…

Think 60’s office den, dark and cozy?

From Melbourne House

Paneling on the low, and as Jim’s calls it, “Horse Food” on the high!

Oh the joy of it!

I am sure taking that wall paper will be fun…er…for me!

The other bedroom is plain, but you will love the other bathroom…

At least we do!

From Melbourne House

Pink, Pink and more pink!

Love the bath tiles and we are trying to figure out how to show them off more.

Either changing the doors out to clear glass, or doing curtain style shower curtains.

That is about it…except this guy!

From Melbourne House

Actually there are 3 of them in the house.

I think we may be afraid to take them down!

Oh, and how this guy below!

From Melbourne House

Stan, the previous owner died peacefully in the house in May.

We have taken probably well over 200 photos in that house and this is the only one with an orb.

I think Ole’ Stan liked our Realtor, Jeff!

And I hope he likes us…and how we decorate “his” home!

And speaking of decorating…

Here are some links to mid century pieces we found for the house so far!

Clocks, Ice Buckets and Popcorn Art, Oh My!

Our Own Big World Blog Post: In Love with Mid-Century Matter

Shining up Mid-Century Modern Wood…and yes…Formica!

Our Own Big World Blog Post: Wood Shine Mid Century Style


Tables, Lamps & Chairs, Hurrah!

Our Own Big World Blog Post: Madness, Mid Century Madness!

More shopping is to be had, all done on the super cheap!

But for now our focus will be one spit shining the house!

Come back in 3 months to see how far we have gotten…we are hoping to be done!

May our marriage stay strong and we find no huge unexpected needed fixes!

~ by My Gnome Little World on October 2, 2012.

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